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Tag: The Guardian

Putrajaya rapped over ‘silence’ on Orang Asli deaths in Kampung Koh

Nothing has materialised four months after 15 members of the Batek community perished, says report.

Prosecutors to file first charges over downing of MH17, says report

The Guardian says Dutch prosecutors are likely to name four suspects on Wednesday.

IDEAS took money from tobacco firms and opposed anti-smoking plans, says...

In its response, the think tank says it has decided not to accept grants from cigarette companies.

The Guardian’s photographer of the year: Zohra Bensemra of Reuters

The Algerian received the honour for her work in Somalia and Iraq.

Dr M nafi kesal tidak jadikan Anwar pengganti

Bekas perdana menteri itu berkata jangan dikenang masa lalu, kerana ia akan bawa masalah.

Mahathir: I never said I regret not making Anwar my successor

The former PM says what's in the past is in the past, and removing Najib Razak as prime minister is what parties in Pakatan Harapan are interested in now.

Malaysian’s photos on racism featured in The Guardian

Daniel Lee Adam's series 'Why Is Your English So Good?' exposes the casual racism Malaysians encounter in the UK and Ireland on a daily basis.

Immigration officers using violence on detainees face stern action

The Immigration Department says it has taken immediate action to investigate the issue reported by The Guardian news portal.

After exposé, Samsung axes labour supply company

The termination comes in the wake of an exposé on working conditions of Samsung’s migrant workers in Malaysia.

Santiago: Pendedahan eksploitasi pekerja asing ‘menyedihkan’

Wakil rakyat DAP itu dan MTUC menggesa kerajaan menguatkuasakan undang-undang sedia ada terhadap pihak yang mengeksploitasi pekerja asing.

Samsung, Panasonic to probe claims of worker exploitation

UK daily The Guardian claims migrant factory workers forced to work 14-hour shifts to repay money to recruitment agents in Nepal.

Gary Lineker keeps promise, strips on TV

Footballer-turned-TV pundit keeps his promise to appear in the 'first Match of the Day of the new season in my undies' after Leicester's amazing title-win.

Twitter founder gets death threat from IS

The militant group objects to the social media's practice of blocking accounts linked to it.

Archived: Roots of terrorism

What drives a person to join an organisation like ISIS?

MH370 disappearance exposes M’sia’s lack of leadership

Bloomberg and the Guardian pour scorn on the Malaysian government's search and rescue effort of the missing MH370.