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Tag: The New Savvy

Supporting women’s mental health in the workplace

Employers are now trying to curb workplace stress by offering talking therapies, rest, and encouraging healthy lifestyles.

Are you a helicopter parent?

Parents must nurture their child’s skills and gifts instead of mollycoddling them.

Sharing childcare responsibilities with your partner

Sharing the responsibilities of childcare not only prevents unnecessary stress and tension between couples but also ensures quality time with the family.

What really matters for investing success?

It takes more than picking the right stock for financial success

Online shopping – click, pay and collect

Online shopping is safe, convenient and saves your time.

Give your kids a head start on money management

Educate your kids on financial management and they will be successful adults.

Part 1: Is the minimalist lifestyle for you?

Paring down one’s lifestyle to the essentials and learning to live more simply can sound very appealing. But is it for you?

Why being a ‘helicopter mom’ is detrimental to your child

Helicopter parenting is when parents hover over their children, watching their every move and setting too high standards of success.

Part 2: The hidden dangers of financial infidelity

Find out how you can recover from financial infidelity, pay your debts and secure your future financial happiness.

Part 1: The hidden dangers of financial infidelity

If you discover purchases you didn't agree on, or that your partner gets emotional when you want to talk money, something is amiss.

How to let your inner leader out

There is no one right way to be a leader. Whatever field you work in, whatever talents and personality you have — you can be a leader.

When best to ‘talk money’ with your kids

The most optimal age to teach kids about money is age seven as it sets the foundation for how they will perceive money as they grow up and throughout their lives.

Why you can’t live off a million ringgit forever

A million ringgit will be completely exhausted in time unless you put the money to work and generate some returns though investments.

Money vs happiness: The science of buying joy

Read how going on a vacation brings greater joy than buying material goods as does investing in a person i.e. acts of altruism that involve helping others.

Top 10 women-empowering movies of all times

From lawyers to nuns, to private detectives and baseball players, women have inspired us in many fascinating ways.

What to do after varsity: Fresh grads, listen up

Leave your sense of entitlement at the door because landing a first job requires marketable skills and a realistic approach to salary.

5 ways women can make the first move

Why wait till he gets his act together? Be the first to take the bulls by the horns by using these creative ways to make that first date with him a reality.

12 things men can do to be better allies to women

In order to have a better world for women, we have to build it. This involves helping men become better men and better allies to our sisters.

The curious relationship between money and happiness

Here's to recognising what makes us happy and spending our money on that, instead of the other way around.

5 crucial considerations when buying a small business

Aside from requiring a hefty investment, you must also consider whether or not that business is actually worth buying.

How FIRE is empowering people around the world

FIRE is the abbreviation for Financial Independence Retire Early and has taken the world by storm.

5 of the best online courses for women entrepreneurs

How to be happy, think critically, and be an expert in understanding body language will help make you an effective and successful entrepreneur.

8 ways to make love and business work

Being an entrepreneur while in a romantic relationship is a lot of work. However if you do it right, you can have the best of both worlds.

5 pieces of advice from successful women entrepreneurs

Women can be anything they want to be, that includes being business owners or entrepreneurs and they can learn it from women who has done it before.