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Tag: The New Savvy

6 wining ways to plan and host a great networking event

Some clever planning of goals, logistics and promotions will guarantee a successful networking event.

Experts share sound business tips for startups

Being brave but wary can go a long way in making you a successful entrepreneur.

4 steps to snap yourself into better financial shape

Managing stress levels and surrounding yourself with positive people can help you start saving for a more financially secure future.

4 things to do when your friend makes more money than...

Being honest about your financial situation can go a long way in preserving your friendship.

6 weekend holidays in Asia for adventurers on a budget

Whether it's scuba diving in Thailand, trekking in Malaysia or skiing in South Korea, there are plenty of cheap destinations to escape to.

6 important measures to take when canceling a credit card

Paying off all your accumulated dues and redeeming all your reward points are just some things you must ensure before cutting your card.

4 ways to save on clothes while still staying fashionable

Organising your inventory of clothes, renting instead of buying and using a credit card with rewards are easy ways to save a bundle.

8 hacks for the cyber-obsessed shopper

If you do most of your shopping online, learn how to shop smart by saving a bundle through using promo codes and free shipping sites.

4 ways social media can help grow your business

Social media is about engagement, so learn as much as you can about your target audience and use social media platforms to reach them.

Does being attractive equal higher pay?

Long-term research supports the theory that being good looking correlates with a higher earning level.

The danger in paying only your credit card minimum

While sticking to the minimum will keep you from defaulting on your credit card debt payments, it does not improve your finances in any way.

5 lies home-based biz owners must stop believing

By mastering the finances, home-based business owners can positively build the next big thing in their garage, extra room, or basement.

7 tips to supercharge your child’s birthday party

Follow these tips to make your child’s birthday party fun and memorable.

Travel tips for solo female travellers

Safety should always be paramount for a solo female traveller.

Reintegrating into your workplace after maternity leave

With proper planning, a proactive approach, emotional awareness and professionalism, getting back to work should be seamless and stress-free.

Be aware of your overspending triggers

You need to control your personal overspending triggers to save money.

Brilliant tips to market a property fast

From creating a minimalist look to repairing broken hinges or shelves, keeping your home clean and spacious goes a long way in clinching that sale.

6 steps to connect with like minded-people

Refocus your circle and connect with people who contribute to both your personal and professional growth.

How to go from single mum to super mum

Single mums, you have the power to give your children a bright future. Here’s how.

Make good use of unemployment

Follow these steps to make the most of your time during a phase of unemployment.

How does declaring bankruptcy affect you?

Before filing for bankruptcy, make sure you look at all the options available.

Take charge of your finances after a divorce

A successful divorce marks the end of a marital union, and the beginning of a new life.

Assistance in moving on after a divorce

Actively seek the proper help to get over the emotional roller coaster of a divorce.

Making preparations for a peaceful afterlife

Some forethought and planning ensures that the remaining family is well looked after.