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The good and bad side of cognitive behavioural therapy

Cognitive behavioural therapy is used to treat anxiety and depression, and a host of other conditions but it isn't always effective.

Yazidi doctor soldiers on in mental battle against IS

The war against the Islamic State is drawing to a close, but Nagham Hasan still sees mental and emotional scars they left on their victims.

Asia Pacific accounts for a third of the world’s relaxation-focused beauty...

A huge 87% of urban Chinese females aged 20-49 said that using beauty services was a way of relaxing.

Antibody therapy suppresses HIV for weeks at a time

Researchers say a combination of two proteins known to counteract the effects of HIV were able to suppress the virus in patients for up...

Dakota Johnson needed therapy after horror film ‘Suspiria’

The star of the sadomasochism-tinged "Fifty Shades of Grey" films confessed that she needed to see a shrink after filming "Suspiria."

Long-acting injection a shot in the arm for GSK’s HIV business

GSK is betting that a shift to using two drugs rather than three will boost its sales by offering patients a therapy with greater convenience and fewer toxic side effects.

Britain vows to end gay conversion therapy as survey reveals ‘burning...

The government said it would look into banning the "abhorrent practice" of conversion therapy to "cure" people of homosexuality, which 2% of respondents said they had undergone. Another 5% had been offered it.

Ecstasy may relieve the agony of PTSD: study

Better known to nightclubbers as ecstasy, the euphoria-inducing drug MDMA appears to alleviate Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in war veterans, firefighters, and police officers, researchers said Wednesday.

Back from therapy, Kanye announces two albums

Kanye West, the once-omnipresent rap superstar who vanished a year and a half ago amid a purported mental breakdown, on Thursday re-emerged to announce not one but two albums.

Ex-players tackle dementia in football-mad Spain

Ex-players use football photos, programmes and memorabilia to stimulate memories of residents at retirement homes to help them recall episodes from their lives.