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Tag: Theresa May

Boris Johnson wins first round of UK leadership vote

Boris Johnson wins the first round of voting for the post of Prime Minister by picking up 114 of the 313 ballots cast at the lower House of Commons.

EU will do a new Brexit deal with me, says Hunt

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt hopes the EU will engage with a new British leader.

UK PM candidate Hancock will not allow parliament suspension for Brexit

Matt Hancock says allowing the suspension of parliament would gon 'against all that people had fought for in World War Two'.

UK leadership hopefuls launch campaigns to take control of Brexit

The race to become Britain's next prime minister and take on the challenge of delivering Brexit officially begins.

UK PM candidate Johnson wins bid to stop court case over...

Judges at London’s High Court throw out an attempt to prosecute Boris Johnson, the frontrunner to succeed Theresa May as prime minister, for allegedly lying about Brexit during the 2016 EU referendum campaign.

Theresa May: A legacy sunk by Brexit

Theresa May had a mission to fight Britain's "burning injustices" through strong and stable leadership – but her legacy as prime minister will be anything but.

UK’s May quits as party leader, starting succession race

Theresa May will remain prime minister until a new leader is chosen, likely in late July, but has relinquished control over Brexit talks.

Trump tells British PM: We’ll have a very substantial trade deal

UK Prime Minister Theresa May says Britain and the US should work together to keep markets free, fair and open.

May’s Conservative Party faces historically worst election result in Brexit crisis

The Conservatives has only 19% of votes and would slump to third, its lowest place since the party was founded almost 200 years ago.

UK PM May backs return of maintenance grants for poorer university...

Outgoing British Prime Minister Theresa May prepares to announce her backing for the reintroduction of maintenance grants for university students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Britain’s Hunt says ‘political suicide’ to pursue no-deal Brexit

UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt's comments puts him at odds with most other candidates including the frontrunner, former foreign secretary Boris Johnson.

UK interior minister Javid enters leadership race

Sajid Javid is viewed as a relative long-shot in a field that is expected to grow further in the days to come.

Race to succeed May centres on ‘no deal’ Brexit battle

The candidates to succeed May have all said they are ready to exit the EU with or without a Brexit deal in place.

Gove, Leadsom, Hancock jump into crowded race for UK May’s job

The rush is on to replace UK Prime Minister Theresa May, who resigned after failing to deliver on Brexit.

‘I feel badly for Theresa,’ Trump says of May resignation

US President Donald Trump 'feels badly' for British Prime Minister Theresa May after she announced her resignation following months of Brexit-related issues.

British lawmaker Johnson says ‘of course’ will stand for prime minister

Boris Johnson will stand for Prime Minister, still he praised Theresa May as 'patient and stoical' surrounding the Brexit plan.

Brexit may be entering ‘very dangerous’ new phase for Ireland

A Eurosceptic Prime Minister, who either goes with the Brexit plan or disputes it, could likely be underway in Britain as Theresa May resigns.

UK’s Conservatives say new PM in place by July 20

As Theresa May exits, Britain's Conservatives say a successor will be in place for July 20.

Pound up 0.4% after PM May resigns but gains seen short-lived

The pound is up 0.4% against the euro just hours after Theresa May announces her resignation.

Theresa May to step down as PM on June 7

Theresa May announces her departure as Britain's Prime Minister on June 7.

Theresa May lepas jawatan PM Britain 7 Jun

Theresa May didesak meletak jawatan sejak 4 bulan lalu, selepas beliau gagal mendapat sokongan majoriti untuk perjanjian Brexit.

British government postpones Brexit vote

The Brexit vote is now postponed and the government will update the house of representatives on the Withdrawal Agreement Bill.

Theresa May to step down as PM

May’s successor elected in a two-stage process under which two final candidates face a ballot.

UK PM May stares at defeat in final Brexit gambit

The beleaguered premier is in the last throes of a tumultuous rule focused almost exclusively on guiding Britain out of the European Union.