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Approval for GLC to buy shares in DreamEDGE given by previous...

International Trade and Industry Minister Darell Leiking comments on the prime minister's statement that approval did not come from him.

Dr M denies giving approval to GLC to invest in company...

The prime minister responds to accusations by MCA that Putrajaya lied about the funding of the project.

Guan Eng, Leiking lied about funding for 3rd national car, says...

The MCA president says whether the government owns 53% or 10% of the ordinary shares in the company is not the issue as the ministers said the company will be 100% privately-owned.

Govt biggest shareholder in company driving 3rd national car, says MCA

MCA president Wee Ka Siong accuses Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng of lying by saying the project will not utilise public funds.

Bumi-owned R&D firm to spearhead 3rd national car

The electric car project will be unveiled today in Cyberjaya.

New electric vehicle plant coming in Negeri Sembilan

However, MIER says it is up to the prime minister to decide if it will be part of the third national car project.

Bahrain keen to import Proton X70, says Redzuan

The entrepreneur development minister also says the first prototype for the third national car should be ready by next year.

Private firms such as SilTerra to fund 3rd national car, says...

The prime minister tells senator the project is also about creating an ecosystem in which entrepreneurs and industries can thrive and provide jobs to youths.

Time to open up the market for 3rd national car

Set up a level playing field policy for the automotive sector for other brand producers to team up, produce and compete.

2 companies shortlisted for 3rd national car project

Minister says 'Look East Policy' was an important aspect in the selection of the companies.

National Economic Action Council must review controversial projects

These include the third national car and the privatisation of Khazanah and other GLCs.

Malaysia, Qatar exploring possibility of collaborating on 3rd national car

The international trade and industry minister says Qatar could also look at the possibility of collaborating in other parts of Malaysia’s automotive sector.

DAP veteran not convinced by minister’s explanation of third car project

Dr Boo Cheng Hau says Malaysians have good reasons to doubt the project.

Ministry approves up to RM20 mil for 3rd national car prototype

Entrepreneur Development Minister Redzuan Yusof says the fund was sourced from several existing grants.

We will ensure investors’ confidence is restored, says Azmin

The economic affairs minister says the situation has improved following Putrajaya's initiatives over the past few months.

No govt investment in 3rd national car project

Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng says such a project will require investments running into billions of US dollars, not just RM10-RM20 million.

Look to niche market to succeed, makers of 3rd national car...

Two economists say its makers must craft the car with future needs and trends in mind.

Malaysians divided over third car project, survey reveals

A poll by YouGov shows that 38% are in favour of a new national car, while 25% oppose the project and the remaining 37% are unsure.

No strings attached to Japan’s samurai bonds, says Dr M

The prime minister says the bonds are not being given in exchange for Japanese companies getting projects in Malaysia

Will Anwar drive Dr M’s 3rd car vision, asks BN man

The Pasir Salak MP says the third national car project is a step in the right direction for Malaysia's economy.

3rd national car to roll out by 2020, says minister

A prototype is expected to be ready by early next year.

It’s post-automobile age, do we want another car project, asks Jomo

The former CEP member questions the idea for a third national car and also criticises the revamped trans-Pacific trade pact.

‘Start third national car now while competition in EV sector not...

Mohd Nadzmi Mohd Salleh says no car company now has a clear advantage in this field.

Don’t reject Dr M’s automative strategy for Malaysia

The prime minister's main concern is that our National Automotive Policy, developed after he left the government in 2003, is not up to scratch.