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Trudeau continues campaign after threats to his safety

Canada PM’s rival stresses threats against political leaders have no place in democracy.

Trudeau receives security threat, dons bulletproof vest

Liberal Party declines to comment on reports of threat on Canada's PM.

Don’t use refugees to blackmail us, EU’s Tusk tells Erdogan

Bloc president issues retort after Turkish leader asked it stop criticising attack on Syria.

China markets to test risk of most extreme US threat yet

China has launched a new market, encouraging technology companies to list at home.

China bigger threat than nuclear-armed North Korea, says Japan

Japan is ramping up its defence spending to counter China's modernising military.

Drop Neuer and you won’t get our players, Bayern head warns...

Uli Hoeness wades into controversy surrounding battle for national No 1 jersey, risking Fifa sanctions.

Iran threatens US forces after Pompeo accusation

The head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards says Iran has always been ready for a full-fledged war.

Aide of Balakong rep receives sharp weapon in mail

Police say they are investigating the case under criminal intimidation.

‘Don’t make us burn your house!’ neighbour gets threat from Ah...

Her house and car in Menglembu, Ipoh, are splashed with red paint for loan her neighbour failed to pay up.

PBS Youth lodges report against Warisan leader over FB posting, citing...

Warisan youth leader Firdaus Diun, however, denies the claim, saying he was merely reminding opposition cybertroopers not to stoke tension on the illegal immigrant issue.

Those who threaten law enforcers face stern action, warns IGP

Hamid Bador says he views cases of intimidation seriously and has ordered his men to go after the culprits immediately.

Nato exercises cyber defences as threat grows

Their weapons are fast computers with vulnerability-analysis code, forensic software and special database-management tools.

EU’s Tusk warns nationalism will lead to fundamental threat

Tusk says those who are cheering on nationalism in Europe, those who are betting on disintegration and conflict, will inevitably lead to an absolutely fundamental threat.

SE Asia boosts fight against ‘real and present’ militant threat

The Southeast Asian delegates adopted an information-sharing platform that will be used to share real-time intelligence.

MTUC: Raise wages to attract local workers first, then go into...

Its secretary-general J Solomon says the government must carefully study the plan to automate the manufacturing and agricultural sectors as the social costs are high.

US-China trade row not a threat to world economy

Mnuchin says President Donald Trump's drive to punish China with tariffs to encourage it to adopt fairer trade practices would have the opposite effect.

Pope begins Baltics pilgrimage as Russia threat looms large

Francis boarded a special Alitalia flight that lands early Saturday in Vilnius, the Lithuanian capital, for a four-day trip.

Philippines death toll rises as Typhoon Mangkhut barrels towards China

Mangkhut has weakened since blasting into the Philippine coast but was packing sustained winds hurtled toward China's heavily populated southern coast.

Muhyiddin: Umno is finished and it’s time Malays realise this

The PPBM president says any coalition Umno and PAS may form will not be a threat to Pakatan Harapan.

Tahfiz teachers detained for threatening to cut off boy’s private part

The boy's father found out about the incident through video clips shared on social media.

Trump threatens to exclude Canada from new Nafta deal

The US and Mexico had announced a breakthrough accord on Monday, potentially leaving Canada out in the cold.

Japan eyes record defence budget amid North Korea, China threats

Items on the defence ministry's shopping list include two sets of US-made Aegis Ashore missile defence systems to defend the country against North Korea's nuclear and missile threats.

Dutch arrest suspect in threat over Prophet Mohammad cartoon contest

The man, whose nationality has not been determined, was taken into custody.

Japan says North Korea still poses a dire threat to its...

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has said Japan would not change its military stance towards its North Korea until it saw concrete, irreversible and verifiable steps towards disarmament.