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Leisurely, lovely and lush Lisbon

Lisbon has done a good job in preserving the character of its historic centre.

Celebrity ‘Chickaboo’ finds forever home in Semenyih poultry farm

Chickaboo, the runaway pet ostrich became a YouTube sensation when filmed jogging down Kuala Lumpur’s Federal Highway years ago.

When cruise ships embodied the perfect holiday

Cruise liners are the embodiment of a perfect holiday. Read on about

Simply serene São Miguel island, Azores

Sao Miguel island is of volcanic origin and is peppered with craters or calderas.

Dubai, city of gold and spice

Many of the tourists who visit Dubai buy gold and spice from the many souks found here.

Travelling across the creek by Dubai’s traditional wooden boats

This mode of transport called abra is unique to Dubai, ferry up to 20 passengers at a time for a modest fare.

Old Dubai still retains its distinct charm

Here are some attractions in old Dubai which are located within the city limits.

Dazzling delightful Dazaifu not just for academic success

Dazaifu’s main highlight is Tenman-gu Shrine, dedicated to a ninth century scholar, poet and court official named Michizane.

A picturesque walk from Akihabara to Ueno Park, Tokyo

A pleasant walk as there is a picturesque lotus pond, a boating lake, museums and a zoo.

The fascinating story behind the Sri Shakti Temple

According to Hindu mythology the goddess Shakti, who was consort to Lord Shiva, immolated herself.

The majestic Moroccan Pavilion at Putrajaya

This remarkable construction in Putrajaya showcases Moorish architecture.

The Diana shipwreck off Melaka

In 1994 the Diana’s cargo was recovered, including 11 tonnes of porcelain pieces.

Falling in love with Faial Island, Azores

Faial is a lovely, picturesque island with rolling green pastures, lots of cows, and hedgerows filled with hydrangeas and other colourful blooms.

Away from the madding crowd at Perhentian Islands

if you are looking for a relaxing no-frills holiday the Perhentian Islands could be just the place for you.

A walking tour of Putrajaya’s 4 beautiful parks

A circular walk around Putrajaya's parks will last around four hours and is worth the effort.

Postcards depicting Saigon’s illustrious old French shipping line

Each postcard sketches a scene of the various ports of call of the Compagnie Des Messageries Maritimes between France and the Far East.

Dien Bien: Scene of Viet victory over the French

The epic battle ended France’s colonisation of Vietnam and triggered America’s involvement in the region, which culminated in the Vietnam War.

An exhausting but memorable climb up Mount Fanxipan in Sapa

At 3,143 metres, Mount Fanxipan is the highest mountain in Vietnam, and the highest in Indochina.

Hanoi: Land of immense beauty, history and character

One can only hope this district will escape the developers’ wrecking ball and be recognised by Unesco as a world cultural heritage site someday.

Bengkulu: Indonesia’s spot for British colonial history

Once the base of Stamford Raffles, Bengkulu is now worth visiting for its historical sites.

Thomas Bewick: England’s finest immortalised in museum

Thomas Bewick is remembered as 'Northumberland’s greatest artist, a wood engraver and naturalist who revolutionised print art in Georgian England'.

House of Sampoerna: Indonesia’s kretek puffs

Surabaya’s House of Sampoerna is a cigarette museum that tells the story of Liem Seeng Tee.

Malang bird market and other sights of East Java

Apart from the pleasant weather, there is not much to see in Malang unless you like birds and flowers.

Off the beaten track walkabout in Surabaya

Being adventurous has its benefits in discovering many new experiences in Surabaya.