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Tag: Thrifty Traveller

Dien Bien: Scene of Viet victory over the French

The epic battle ended France’s colonisation of Vietnam and triggered America’s involvement in the region, which culminated in the Vietnam War.

An exhausting but memorable climb up Mount Fanxipan in Sapa

At 3,143 metres, Mount Fanxipan is the highest mountain in Vietnam, and the highest in Indochina.

Hanoi: Land of immense beauty, history and character

One can only hope this district will escape the developers’ wrecking ball and be recognised by Unesco as a world cultural heritage site someday.

Bengkulu: Indonesia’s spot for British colonial history

Once the base of Stamford Raffles, Bengkulu is now worth visiting for its historical sites.

Thomas Bewick: England’s finest immortalised in museum

Thomas Bewick is remembered as 'Northumberland’s greatest artist, a wood engraver and naturalist who revolutionised print art in Georgian England'.

House of Sampoerna: Indonesia’s kretek puffs

Surabaya’s House of Sampoerna is a cigarette museum that tells the story of Liem Seeng Tee.

Malang bird market and other sights of East Java

Apart from the pleasant weather, there is not much to see in Malang unless you like birds and flowers.

Off the beaten track walkabout in Surabaya

Being adventurous has its benefits in discovering many new experiences in Surabaya.

Palembang attractions for the diehard tourist

From historical monuments to museums, pagodas and bridges, Palembang does offer the earnest tourist some fascinating things to see.

Buffalo horn roofs and the simple charm of Padang

Padang in West Sumatra has its charms and visitors can happily spend a day or two here.

Padang: Interesting eats and Luwak coffee

When eating at hidang-style restaurants be careful of the hygiene factor and be prepared to pay an arm and a leg for premium coffee.

Non-alcoholic beer and ‘borrowing’ toilets

Different countries have different cultures and different norms.

Experience traditional Korea in Bukchon

Bukchon may be off the beaten track but offers interesting traditional artisanal crafts

Istana Melawati the royal retreat

Istana Melawati is the Agong’s residence in Putrajaya

Off the beaten track in Makassar

Makassar has some interesting attractions for the intrepid traveller

The larger-than-life Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

Built on 100 hectares of reclaimed land facing the city centre, it includes two giant glass conservatories and a grove of Supertrees.

Where Hello Kitty, Thomas Tank and friends await kids

Puteri Harbour Theme Park is a fantasy land which will keep kids entertained for hours.

Tintin in Tokyo: A much loved hero

Tintin’s popularity here may be due to Japan’s strong comic book culture (manga) and their shared love of travelling to exotic countries.

Arima Onsen hot spring resort near Kobe, Japan

Arima Onsen is a popular hot spring resort near Kobe, Japan

Singapore: Of voodoo, full moons and ‘nasi kangkang’

Thirsty Traveller comes face to face with a shop in Singapore displaying items that deal with curses, spells, voodoo and other dark arts.

Chengdu: China’s ‘best city’ for tourism

From traditional tea shops, courtyard restaurants and street food stalls to modern, sprawling buildings and shops selling branded goods, Chengdu has it all.

Big, bold impressions of Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

The hotel features a novel design with three 'curvy' 55-storey towers topped by a platform shaped like a giant ironing board.

Magnificent Manchester holds some sweet surprises

From Chinatown to the Town Hall in Albert Square, Manchester is a quiet but interesting place to visit.

The fascinating Renmin Park of Chengdu

This park is a hive of activity as people dance, sing karaoke and even practise calligraphy on the stones.