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We won’t be hypocritical like DAP about narrowing racial divide, says...

Party vice-president Ti Lian Ker says party will seek common grounds to bridge divide between political parties identified by race or religion.

People unhappy with govt, Budget 2020 must address economic woes, says...

Party vice-president Ti Lian Ker says it is time to put politics aside and look at Pakatan Harapan's shortcomings and identify areas for improvement for the sake of the people.

MCA: Pengundi Cina tak perlu takut kerjasama PAS-Umno

MCA berkata semua persepsi buruk mengenai kerjasama PAS-Umno hanya dimainkan pemimpin DAP.

Untuk kekal releven MCA perlu kerjasama dengan PAS, kata penganalisis

Bagaimanapun sukar untuk dijangka berapa lama PAS dan MCA boleh bekerjasama berdasarkan haluan perjuangan 2 parti itu yang berbeza.

MCA says won’t quit BN but wants it dissolved

MCA vice-president Ti Lian Ker says it won't abandon the house it built and let it be hijacked for agendas which are not in line with the Barisan Nasional spirit.

Jangan hukum pelajar miskin Utar, Kolej TAR, MCA beritahu Guan Eng

Lim menggesa MCA memutuskan hubungan dengan Kolej TAR dan UTAR bagi membolehkan kerajaan menyediakan peruntukan lebih besar.

Don’t victimise MCA-founded universities, party leader tells Guan Eng

Ti Lian Ker says the DAP secretary-general should not make it a requirement for the two universities to cut ties with MCA in order to receive more government aid.

Don’t gamble away our voice in govt, Ti urges Chinese

Chinese risk losing more by listening to DAP, warns MCA veteran who says opposition is lying about 'Malay tsunami' in rural heartland.

MCA selar pemimpin DAP kerana biadap terhadap Dr M

Jurucakap MCA, Datuk Seri Ti Lian Ker berkata, DAP dan Nga hilang pedoman dan tidak menghormati orang tua dan pemimpin Melayu.

Only you can destroy yourself, says Kit Siang

DAP leader rejects Ti Lian Ker's claim that DAP wants to eliminate MCA and Gerakan as a political force.

What about your 50ft rocket in Bagan, MCA asks DAP

MCA's Ti Lian Ker questions Lim Lip Eng over DAP party symbol placed outside a hall in Lim Guan Eng's Bagan parliamentary seat since last month.

MCA: Melayu harus hati-hati dengan DAP

Datuk Seri Ti Lian Ker berkata demi mendapatkan undi Melayu, DAP sanggup bekerjasama dengan Dr Mahathir dan Muhyiddin Yassin dahulu cukup benci kedua-dua pemimpin itu.

MCA: DAP in cahoots with Dr M, Muhyiddin to woo Malay...

Ti Lian Ker claims DAP also wants the Malays to quarrel among themselves.

Ti slams DAP’s new ‘corruption tolerant’ stand

MCA spokesman Ti Lian Ker calls DAP shameless over its Bentong candidate Wong Tack saying 'the Chinese accept corruption as long as everyone lives prosperously'.

MCA: Don’t be ill-mannered in remarks against ‘business icon’ Kuok

MCA publicity spokesman Ti Lian Ker criticises minister Nazri Aziz for his 'pondan' comments about billionaire and says it is up to Kuok which political party he wants to support.

Is DAP influencing Mahathir or the other way around?

Writer says DAP leader Lim Kit Siang has failed to have any influence on the party's coalition partners, as shown by the lack of support for the recognition of the UEC.

Teo to Ti: When will UEC finally be recognised by BN?

Kulai MP Teo Nie Ching says MCA shouldn't have problem with getting BN to recognise UEC since it claims former Umno leaders now with opposition were main obstacles.

Umno the biggest hurdle to recognising UEC, DAP tells MCA

Kulai MP Teo Nie Ching says recognising the UEC has never been an issue with Pakatan Harapan.

Now healthcare shop in JB rebuked for Malay-only policy

Political figures from Pakatan Harapan and Barisan Nasional want incidences of racial segregation curbed by adding anti-discrimination rule in business licence.

DAP MP on the glaring Ops Lalang fact that MCA’s Ti...

Kasthuri Patto says Ti Lian Ker forgot to mention the role of Najib, and that the MCA is in denial over its own role in the many laws that threaten fundamental liberties.

MCA bidas sikap acuh tak acuh P Pinang terhadap Shahul

Ti Lian Ker berkata video yang memaparkan pengetua tahfiz itu menyampaikan kuliah yang memecahbelahkan rakyat perlu dijawab dengan tegas.

G25 welcomes royal decision against Zamihan

It's a lesson for Taliban wannabes, says Noor Farida Ariffin.

Malaysia an Islamic state? Just a gimmick to win votes, says...

BN component party disagrees with remarks by deputy minister Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki, says all actions should be 'constitutional compliant' before being 'shariah compliant'.

MCA: Mahathir to blame for Islamic state controversy

MCA spokesman Ti Lian Ker says former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad's declaration that Malaysia is an Islamic state in 2001 provoked surging demand for the agenda.