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Tag: Tiananmen Square

Would China risk another Tiananmen in Hong Kong?

Analysts believe the potentially catastrophic economic and political consequences is what is keeping China's military intervention at bay.

China flag flies at half-mast for Tiananmen crackdown leader

Late premier Li Peng was reviled by activists for his role in the military's brutal suppression of pro-democracy demonstrations on June 4, 1989.

Former Chinese premier Li Peng dies at 90

The ex-premier had previously battled bladder cancer and gained notoriety worldwide a key architect of the brutal breakup of the 1989 mass pro-democracy demonstrations.

Chinese activists seek UN investigation into Tiananmen crackdown

'The anniversary remains taboo in China. Beijing has not held a public inquiry nor permitted an independent investigation,' the statement says.

Canada says it has real concerns over China’s human rights, Beijing...

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau expresses "real concerns" about China's human rights record, prompting a swift protest from Beijing.

Chinese daily: Tiananmen ‘immunized China against turmoil’

Chinese media defend the government's handling of the Tiananmen protests, saying it "immunized" China against turmoil in a rare editorial about the crackdown on the eve of its 30th anniversary.

Exiled Tiananmen dissident barred from Hong Kong

A growing list of overseas activists and politicians have been refused passage into the semi-autonomous Chinese city in recent years.

China cracks down on media, activists ahead of Tiananmen anniversary

The subject is taboo in China and this year's attempts to mute public discourse are harsher than usual.

Three decades on, dissident Wang Dan revisits Tiananmen crackdown

'I have a very close relationship with intellectuals, and the government want to label these protests as provoke by intellectuals.'

China’s selective memory, 30 years after Tiananmen massacre

A month after marking a century of the May Fourth Movement at Tiananmen, comes the 30th anniversary of the massacre at the same site.

Germany’s Leica moves to distance itself from Tiananmen video

Mention of the June 4, 1989, event is heavily censored in Chinese news and social media, as well as related dates, names and symbols.

China confirms death of ex-govt spokesman who denied Tiananmen deaths

Yuan defended the Chinese government after People's Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers fired on unarmed pro-democracy protesters.

China critic removed during live TV interview

The dramatic recording highlights the increasing intensity of China's efforts to silence critics of its policies.

Beijing eyes UNESCO status for Mao tomb, Tiananmen Square

The Chinese capital wants to apply for 14 sites in total to receive UNESCO World Heritage status by 2035, the state-run Global Times quoted city official Shu Xiaofeng as saying.

China releases Nobel laureate Liu with terminal cancer

The Liaoning Prison Administrative Bureau confirmed Liu's parole, saying in a statement he was being treated by "eight renowned Chinese oncologists" at China Medical University No 1 Hospital.

Zhao Ziyang documents to be published in Hong Kong

University to release papers by purged Chinese leader that shows conflict in top ranks of Communist party.

Red tape shutters Tiananmen Square museum

Visitors were required to register their names and ID numbers with security guards.

Grizzled China leaders still on their feet

Social unrests have failed to deliver a knockout blow to the Communist Party leaders.