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Tag: Tigers

Scores of tigers rescued from infamous Thai temple have died

The tigers have died from a viral disease as the have no immune system due to inbreeding.

Get boots on the ground quickly to save tigers, says expert

WWF Malaysia's Mark Rayan Dharmaraj also urges Putrajaya to form a national tiger committee with executive powers.

Situation with tigers under control, says Perhilitan

However, police warn villagers not to take the sightings lightly.

Big cats of Instagram: Pakistani elite’s love of exotic wildlife

Pakistani laws make it easy to import exotic animals, but once inside the country, regulation is almost non-existent.

2,000-strong tiger task force to take down poachers

Water, land and natural resources minister declares war against poachers to save the Malayan tiger from extinction.

Perak MB: 999-year titles for new villages under discussion

For now, they will get 99-year leases to enable them to get bank loans.

Popularity of tigers, lions, bears could be their downfall, study says

The popularity of certain animals may actually be contributing to raising their risks of going extinct.