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Mahathir among world’s top 50 greatest leaders

Fortune magazine ranks him 47th on a list headed by Bill and Melinda Gates and New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

Mahathir is one of Time’s 100 most influential people of 2019

Sarawak Report editor Clare Rewcastle-Brown describes the prime minister as a 'formidable old warhorse' who dazzled during a gruelling campaign in GE14.

When’s best to buy property? The answers may surprise you

The best time to buy properties was 20 years ago. The second-best time may just be today.

Manage your ‘time budget’ and enjoy your life

Take the first step to record everything you do each day, then analyse how you spend your time so you can do it more efficiently and get the most out of life.

UK Plc prepares for messy Brexit as clock ticks down

Major companies set out plans on Tuesday to counter any trade delays and downturns that could stem from a no-deal scenario with barely four months until the world's fifth largest economy leaves the European Union.

UK traders ‘out of time’ to cope with no-deal Brexit

Uncertainty over the course of the negotiations has delayed preparations for a no-deal scenario, with organised crime gangs potentially stepping in to smuggle goods across the new EU-UK frontier.

British, EU ministers say still time for Brexit deal

EU top diplomats asuggested there was still time to resolve the outstanding issues, including the dispute over rules for trade in and out of Northern Ireland, before a possible emergency summit in November.

Empat Telco umum harga pakej jalur lebar lebih murah hingga 56%

TM, Maxis, TIME dan Celcom menawarkan pakej jalur lebar talian tetap pada harga lebih berpatutuan lanjutan pelaksanaan Standard Mandatori Mengenai Harga Capaian.

Time to make Parliament paramount again

The ‘rubber stamp’ tag of Parliament can be erased if all MPs are allowed to freely scrutinise and debate policies and actions of the government, not just pass government bills.

Veteran journalist at Time, Bloomberg named Los Angeles Times editor

Norman Pearlstine is now the Los Angeles Times's executive editor.

Wan Azizah says national debt problem hinders PH promises

Deputy premier says the new federal government did not know the extent of the problem before taking office.

Selangor sets prayers at 8am if Aidilfitri falls on Friday

Jais director Haris Kasim says this is to allow Muslims enough time to visit their relatives and friends without affecting their attendance at Friday prayers.

Court denies Sivarasa’s bid to postpone internet abuse trial

There are no special circumstances to grant a stay in the case, says High Court.

‘Finger massage’ for GE14 will create more problems, says Tindak Malaysia

Election watchdog warns that procedure to examine voters' fingers is culturally insensitive and may even deter some people from coming out to vote.

IGP Fuzi vows to look into Raymond Koh case, other issues

New Inspector-General of Police Mohamad Fuzi Harun says he will spell out his priorities soon.

Time asks Trump Org to pull mock magazine covers

A Washington Post journalist spotted the Time cover during a visit to one of the clubs and, after investigating, reported that it was a fake.

Donald Trump tampil ‘bertanduk’

Ramai mempersoalkan sama ada Time sengaja membiarkan huruf M berbentuk tanduk di atas kepala bakal presiden AS itu.

Gambar palsu Najib: Mahkamah tetap 30 Sept dengar permohonan Sivarasa

Sivarasa Rasiah mengaku tidak bersalah atas pertuduhan memuat naik muka hadapan palsu majalah Time membabitkan Najib di laman Facebooknya

Sivarasa charged for uploading ‘fake’ Time cover

The Subang MP says the case is a complete over-reaction on a small matter.

Malaysia becoming a ‘poster boy’ for wrong reasons

After Time magazine raps the country for corruption, Kit Siang says only the Citizens' Declaration can redeem Malaysia.