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Tag: TK Chua

Get our priorities right, focus on a decent livelihood

There has been no improvement in our lives, in many aspects, since the last general election.

Pakatan’s loss in Semenyih: Reasons or excuses?

Losing Semenyih is not the end of the world for Pakatan Harapan but it should learn lessons from the defeat.

Is anti-ICERD rally really about the treaty?

The issue is likely just a red herring used by discredited politicians to stay relevant.

Rats! Look at the real issue…

We should stop focusing too much on quick fixes as we may lose sight of the real problems.

Tough measures needed on PTPTN loan repayment

It is time to leave populist and political considerations aside.

Putrajaya needs fiscal discipline to keep debts in check

The Pakatan Harapan government needs to make a difference and impose on itself the honesty to do what is right.

Hadi, punishment is not just physical

PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang seems to imply that it is all right to cane under Islamic law as it is 'gentler' without taking into consideration the trauma caused.

MCA can still be an effective opposition

It is unfair for Pakatan Harapan to counter MCA’s criticisms with attacks on its logo or saying the party lacks credibility due to its past failings.

Solutions, not excuses, needed to tackle haze

More enduring measures are needed, especially if the culprits involved are Malaysian companies.

Black or white?

Do we have sufficient black shoes to go around come early next year? And will that be with black or white socks?

Don’t disgrace the Dewan Rakyat

Many of the MPs from both sides of the divide appear to be still wallowing in their one-upmanship mentality.

Why are PH’s ‘lions’ silent on national issues?

There are many questions on which the government needs to provide clear answers.

How will people look at PH in 4-5 years?

People are not in a rush to judge Pakatan Harapan but the euphoria will soon dissipate, which means PH will have to start now to resolve issues affecting the public.

Malaysia needs a reboot, not tinkering

Drawing fairly from all PH component parties, Dr Mahathir Mohamad must appoint young MPs as ministers and allow them, instead of retired insiders, to chair the reform panels.

Is there a limit to hand-outs?

It is the people who will eventually face the consequences if hand-outs, subsidies and welfare have become the norm.

The trouble with winning without urban voters’ support

A government that is legitimate and accepted by the people cannot ignore the urban population who are dynamic, productive and constitute the majority.

PNB should ensure dividends to investors, not bonus for staff

Investors need to be rewarded first instead of staff, especially with declining dividends last year.

Politics is the art of the possible

The criticism of Pakatan Harapan and its alliances are ridiculous as it ignores the fact that changes in circumstances are a constant in politics.

If govts are not punching bags, then who is to blame?

Second Finance Minister Johari Abdul Ghani fails to realise the need to differentiate between systemic problems and individual problems.

KR1M 2.2 will fail again

Writer questions need for a 'newer' version of Kedai Rakyat 1Malaysia, saying it is not going to help reduce the cost of living for the people.

Was Proton really making a profit?

Writer says former PM Mahathir Mohamad's national car idea was good, but poor execution led to project being stagnant even after 30 years.

Fighting racism and extremism

Writer calls for more people to speak up and be constant in their actions, if the fight against race and religious bigotry is to be more effective.

The sad tale of Felda and FGV

Instead of becoming rich and comfortable, settlers are now in a constant tussle with Felda over their rights and benefits.

We should encourage PM, govt to be moderate

Writer says UUM lecturer's claim that conservative Muslims were not happy with Prime Minister Najib Razak wooing minorities at Umno general assembly, has no basis.