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Vape industry reduces smoking, provides jobs, say traders

The Malaysian Vape Chamber of Commerce urges Putrajaya not to ban vaping ahead of plans to regulate the industry.

Ban entry, sale of vape devices, Putrajaya urged

The Malaysian Council for Tobacco Control says drug pedlars may lace such devices with drugs.

WHO says e-cigarettes ‘undoubtedly harmful’

The WHO argues that there is 'insufficient evidence' to support claims of e-cigarettes' effectiveness in assisting smokers trying to quit conventional ones.

E-cigarettes could help smokers quit tobacco when used daily

However, smokers who used e-cigarettes, but not daily, were no more likely than non-users to stay off regular cigarettes.

Sabah clamps down on ‘vape candies’

State health authorities confiscated more than 700 items of the so-called 'Ghost Candy' and 'Smoke Candy' products.

Singapore stops Malaysian van bringing curry puffs…

...And some stuff hidden behind with the stacks.

Saudi Arabia widens excise tax to sweetened drinks, E-Cigarettes

The move comes as Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman looking to transform the Arab nation's economy, which calls for boosting non-oil revenue.

A combination of cannabis and tobacco may harm young adults

The Psychology of Addictive Behaviours review says a combination of both substances may result in behavioural problems among young adults. 

Illicit cigarette traders profited RM1.2 bil last year, says tobacco company

British American Tobacco Malaysia says more than RM1 billion in excise duty was also lost to illegal cigarette trade last year.

Upcoming tobacco law could go up in smoke without political will,...

Greater enforcement plus a more comprehensive review of tobacco and smoking products is needed.

Why Malaysia needs one law to cover all tobacco products

Former health official says all tobacco products should be subject to the same regulations as cigarettes.

Putrajaya to enact new law to increase no-smoking zones

But Health Minister Dzulkefly Ahmad says there will still be designated spots for smokers to light up.

Heat-not-burn refills shouldn’t be dodging tax, health requirements

Former health ministry official and a think-tank say heat-not-burn refills need to be treated like cigarettes.

Is smoking shisha safer than ciggies?

Shisha is a type of tobacco famous among the young, who gather at shisha cafes thinking sharing a pipe is safer than smoking a cigarette.

McLaren to race without BAT logo in Aussie GP

The British team's decision follows that of Ferrari to drop Philip Morris branding for their 'Mission Winnow' initiative at Albert Park, citing problems with Australia's health authorities.

Egypt’s tobacco monopoly climbs as state sale draws in investors

The offering is part of a long-delayed program to sell additional stakes in key state-run companies.

Court allows group to challenge smoking ban

The High Court however refused to issue a stay order on the ban.

Smokers who roll their own cigarettes are less likely to quit

The main reason for this difference appears to be the lower cost of hand-rolling, which is significantly cheaper than smoking factory-made products.

The link between alcohol consumption and cancer

Acetaldehyde, a product of alcohol metabolism is more toxic than alcohol itself and is a known human carcinogen that can harm a person's DNA and proteins.

Set aside 5% of sin tax for health programmes, says think...

The Galen Centre for Health and Social Policy says at least 30 countries are already using tax on tobacco for health programmes.

Tobacco maker BAT says post-SST cigarette pricing still hazy

British American Tobacco says increasing prices of cigarettes is inconsistent with the government's plan to fix a ceiling price.

Tobacco price hike a boon for black market, Putrajaya told

The government is urged to consider other ways of discouraging smoking.

Vape, shisha add to smokescreen in anti-tobacco campaign, says expert

Prof Sanchia Aranda says Malaysia needs to put its foot down on tobacco trade and work on the next big challenge: shisha and e-ciggies.

Stop taking revenue from sin taxes, economist says on tobacco trade

Ramon Navaratnam says it is counter-intuitive to continue profiting from the tobacco industry.