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Indian kills, cuts up and flushes friend down toilet

The grisly crime was discovered when residents at the Bachraj Paradise Society apartment complex in Mumbai found chunks of flesh blocking their drains.

Lack of school toilets puts 620 million children in danger

A lack of proper sanitation puts millions of children around the world in danger of diarrhoea, which kills 289,000 under-fives a year.

Dead baby found in toilet of AirAsia India flight

A woman suspected to have given birth onboard has been detained by police.

Teenager confesses dead baby hers, filed false report

Police say the girl from Hulu Selangor has been warded for observation and will be arrested once discharged.

Technician nabbed for molesting 13 school kids and recording incidents

He sexually molested them in the school compound after school after asking for directions to the toilet.

Can a toilet seat give you a sexually transmitted infection?

Herpes, gonorrhoea, HIV… these are just some of the dreaded STIs lurking around. It's time to get up to date on how these are transmitted.

Malaysia Airlines instructed to solve toilet, seating problems

Transport ministry wants airline to address complaints from passengers on uncomfortable seats, insufficient toilets in business class on Airbus A350.

Japan on Olympic drive to get rid of squat toilets

Japan is planning to change many of its toilets to accommodate the many visitors during the 2020 Olympics to be held in Tokyo.

Xi wants China to spruce up toilets to boost tourism, quality...

Since coming to power in 2012, Xi has often visited homes in the countryside and makes checks to see if the locals use pit toilets, besides stressing that village modernisation requires sanitary toilets.

Girl gives birth in Kota Kinabalu shopping mall toilet

Mother is stunned to find her 15-year-old daughter with a baby in her hands after she goes into toilet to check on why the teen was taking so long.

Is it a Chinese university… or a giant toilet?

Despite the name of the university, the building was not thought to have been designed to resemble a toilet.

S Korean woman dies after assault in hotel in Genting

The woman is believed to have been attacked by a man, armed with a knife, in her hotel room.

Police inspector held for behaving indecently inside women’s toilet

Urine test was positive for methamphetamine.

Myanmar peeping Tom get 3 months’ jail

Man is caught spying on a woman in a toilet at the Ampang Hospital.

Molest at Kluang hotel toilet: Addict arrested

Hotel employee tells police the man, armed with a cleaver, forced her into toilet before molesting her.

Police tracking down 5 in suspected molester’s death

Kedah police chief says police have arrested four men and a woman for further investigation and are tracking down five more suspects.

Man assaulted for ‘molesting’ woman in toilet dies

Police detain five men and a woman believed involved in his death for murder.

Outraging modesty: Man in coma after being beaten up

Man was set upon by members of the public after attack on woman inside public toilet.

Man in toilet injured by explosion triggered by lighter

It is possible the explosion was caused by the reaction of the gas from the septic tank with the flame from the cigarette lighter, says Genting Highlands fire and rescue department chief.

Now everyone can take a leak

LPT2 Sdn Bhd says contractor hired to replace a damaged sign did so without consulting them and installed a sign that read 'Tandas Muslimin'.

Gerakan raises stink over toilet demolition

Penang Gerakan links demolition of a toilet at airport cafe to criticisms against chief minister by the owner.

Cat fights off black cobra at home

Homeowner alerted to danger by cat which found the snake trying to enter through a hole in the bathroom.

New travel guide curates the best toilets around the world

“Toilets: A Spotter's Guide” fills 128 pages of outhouses, futuristic bathrooms, architectural marvels and sky-high urinals.