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Leaders must listen to members, says Syed Ali after quitting Umno

The former Cheras Umno division leader wants time to decide on his new path.

Tok Pa should have left Umno long ago, says Muhyiddin

The PPBM president says he is not surprised by Mustapa Mohamed's decision to leave Umno.

17 more Umno MPs to resign? I don’t know, says Shahidan

The Arau MP says he can neither confirm nor deny the list which names former ministers, Supreme Council members and ordinary members who won parliamentary seats on May 9.

Tok Pa’s resignation is the end of Umno, says Syed Saddiq

The PPBM Youth chief says Mustapa Mohamed, who quit Umno last night, would be welcome to join the Pakatan Harapan component party.

Syed Saddiq: Pengunduran Tok Pa, pengakhiran Umno

Ketua Pemuda PPBM menyifatkan keputusan Mustapa Mohamed keluar Umno sebagai permulaan kepada pengakhiran parti tersebut.

Tok Pa should have quit Umno earlier, says Mahathir

Umno is damaged and he has to show he has changed if he wants to join PH, says the prime minister.

This is on you, KJ tells Zahid after Tok Pa quits...

The Rembau MP says he has been cautioning Umno against its new alliance with PAS and now the party has lost a good leader.

Mustapa Mohamed quits Umno

The former minister says the direction the party is heading isn't in line with his principles.

Handing over ministerial duties is mature politics, says Tok Pa

Mustapa Mohamed becomes third ex-BN minister to officially hand over ministerial duties to the new Pakatan Harapan ministers.

Ku Li ‘lewat bangkit’, kami tak perlukan dia, kata pimpinan Umno...

Ku Li sepatutnya dari awal membantu Tok Pa memberi penerangan kepada rakyat bukannya turun padang disaat getir.

Tok Pa budak baik, saya yang bantu dia, kata Daim

Bekas menteri kewangan itu berkata, Tok Pa ialah seorang yang kuat pegangan agamanya.

Tok Pa, a man of the people

International Trade and Industry Minister Mustapa Mohamed projects a humble image and often dispenses with the need for protocol when he is with the people.

Tok Pa: Adenan raised the bar when it came to integrity,...

Umno minister pays tribute to Sarawak chief minister who he describes as a ‘man of courage’.