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Outrage at acquittals in rape cases sparks calls to fix Japanese...

Controversial requirements in Japan's rape law reforms provoke anger and discussions to amend it.

20 cedera termasuk murid sekolah selepas lelaki amuk di Tokyo

Kejadian berlaku di sebuah taman di kawasan kediaman berhampiran Stesen Noborito di Kawasaki City.

Japan stabbing attack leaves 2 dead, among them a child

Police confirm two deaths, including that of a child and 17 injuries in Tokyo park stabbing.

Tokyo hit by earthquake ahead of Trump visit

The epicentre of the earthquake is southern Chiba where Trump is due to play golf on Sunday with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Tintin in Tokyo: A much loved hero

Tintin’s popularity here may be due to Japan’s strong comic book culture (manga) and their shared love of travelling to exotic countries.

Already-downgraded Nissan credit rating hit by negative outlook

There is a more than one-in-three chance of a further delay in Nissan’s profit recovery, which has lowered the company’s long-term issuer credit rating.

Toyota, Honda become latest automakers to warn of weaker profits

Tokyo and Honda may undertake new business approaches to keep the world's number one automobile maker brand going.

Abdication becoming more frequent in the modern age

As medical technology improves and lifespans grow, the concept of a lifetime of duty is gradually being eroded and abdications are becoming increasingly acceptable and frequent.

A Banksy rat? Tokyo city displays work by famous artist

A rat holding an umbrella is one of Banksy's most famous artworks.

Azizulhasni perlu capai 2kg lagi untuk berdepan cabaran Olimpik Tokyo 2020

Setakat ini Azizulhasni berjaya menambah jisim otot sebanyak 3kg hasil kerja kuat dengan senaman selain rutin pengambilan makanan antara enam hingga tujuh kali sehari.

US, Japan kick off trade talks amid China deal optimism

The US president has frequently complained that Japan has an unfair advantage in bilateral trade and vowed to fix that.

Yen’s outlook worsens as traders turn bearish, outflows increase

The economic growth in Japan is said to be slowing thus resulting in the falling of the yen.

Burger gergasi sempena pertabalan Maharaja Jepun hanya di Hotel Grand Hyatt...

Burger bersaiz sebiji bola sepak dihasilkan sebagai meraikannya pada harga RM3,682

Tokyo stocks edge down before Fed meeting

Shares remained under moderate pressure throughout the session as investors cashed in on recent gains.

Tokyo stocks advance on optimism over US-China trade row

Tokyo stocks had risen in early trade, tracking gains on Wall Street following the latest encouraging reports from the US-China trade talks.

Japan looks to 2020 Olympics to retake place on tech podium

Japan aims to wow visitors coming to the country for the Olympic Games with displays of technological innovations.

Japan’s superfan looks to complete Olympic circle in 2020

Naotoshi Yamada, also known as the 'Olympics Ojisan' has made it a ritual to attend the Olympic Games since 1964.

Tokyo great-grandmother proves it’s never too late to learn

91-year-old Setsuko Takamizawa is being taught a word a day by her granddaughter who is fluent in English.

Japanese couple welcome the world’s smallest baby

The tiny baby as big as a large onion, weighing just 268 grams was born at Keio University Hospital.

Tokyo court grants ex-Nissan chief Ghosn bail

Prosecutors are likely to appeal the decision and could even file additional allegations against him.

Tokyo stocks open lower after Wall St declines

The benchmark Nikkei 225 index lost 0.58%, or 125.61 points, to 21,696.43 in early trade.

Starbucks Reserve Roastery opens in Tokyo

The Tokyo Starbucks Reserve Roastery is described as part coffee theatre and retail space.

Tokyo stocks close lower on reduced US-China trade hopes

US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer says that there are much to do before reaching a new trade agreement with China, even if both sides signal that their talks are nearing the finish line.

Tokyo strikes gold, silver and bronze with e-waste Olympic medals

Recycled metal has also been collected from local Japanese businesses and industry.