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Tag: toll hike

Najib edits Guan Eng’s statement on toll rates to show ‘U-turn’

The former prime minister hits out at Putrajaya over the RM1 billion in compensation it is paying to highway companies next year.

Freeze in toll hikes: PH matching Umno/BN antics

To me, freeze in toll hikes is not enough. We expect the PH government to reduce the toll rates in line with promises made.

Govt to spend RM1 bil for freeze on toll hike nationwide

The Cabinet decided to extend the toll hike freeze to benefit motorists using 21 highways nationwide.

Don: ‘No toll hike’ offer by PLUS bidder impossible

Ahmad Rizal Mazlan of UUM says the offer goes 'beyond economic and financial reality' because upkeep of North-South Expressway under PLUS keeps increasing.

No final decision on higher toll rate

Negotiations between the concession companies and the government are still ongoing, says vice-president of the Malaysian Association of Highway Concession Companies.

Unwarranted advice to tackle cost of living is ‘insensitive’

Debater Syed Saddiq says government ministers should resolve the rising cost of living rather than suggest that people take on two jobs or avoid tolled roads.