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Johari tells how govt can buy 4 highways without more debt

Former finance minister says toll-operator should be allowed to collect toll during peak hours while the government absorbs cost of tolls at non peak hours.

Transport expert questions need for takeover of toll highways

Rosli Azad Khan says RM6.2 billion is too much and the government should just wait for the concessions to expire.

Sell PLUS stake? EPF says maybe, after Khazanah’s no

Provident fund chief says it will 'definitely consider' if there is a good offer for its 49% stake in the highway operator.

PH never promised to abolish tolls, says Mahathir

Many people, including those in the coalition, did not read the election manifesto thoroughly, says PH chairman.

RM2.5 bil infrastructure to support Pengerang oil complex

A 24km federal road, costing RM1.1 million, opened today as part of the road network.

No one contacted Khazanah on PLUS takeover, says source

The government's sovereign wealth fund expects to be engaged directly, says source.

Where’s traffic impact study for highway takeover, says expert

Consultant says the studies will show if the proposed takeover of four toll highways is feasible.

Toll rates would have increased without takeover, says deputy minister

Ong Kian Ming says takeover of tolls will not have any cost implications for the government.

12 ways to get people to use the bus

The core of the public transport system is the bus system.

Mahathir: Better to pay off debt than end tolls

Pakatan Harapan's election promise now a burden on federal government, says PM.

Tackle toll issue in stages, MP tells Putrajaya

The government can start by bringing down maintenance cost, says Wong Chen.

Don’t claim ignorance over toll concessions, Najib tells Mahathir

The former prime minister throws cold water on Putrajaya's claim that it didn't realise it would cost so much to abolish tolls prior to promising to do so.

Congestion charge on tolled highways only a proposal, says Baru

The works minister speaks on the success of his ministry since May 9, including the abolition of tolls for motorcycles on three bridges.

Travel at dawn for 20% Ampang toll discount

Highway operator says the discount is to help users plan their journeys and help reduce morning rush-hour traffic.

We address highways toll within our means, says Dr M

The PM says the government is now focusing on Klang Valley tolled highways.

Why time toll announcement with Semenyih by-election, asks Najib

He says this seems to be an attempt to fish for votes for the Semenyih by-election.

Baru Bian: Toll will be done away in stages

Works minister says abolition of motorcycle toll in Penang was proof government was serious about this.

Najib pokes fun at Kit Siang’s rapid-fire press statements

Former prime minister Najib Razak slams works minister's remarks on tolled roads, saying BN would have been flayed if a similar remark had been made.

Najib slams PH ‘U-turn’ on abolishing tolls

The former prime minister says Pakatan Harapan had indicated before the May 9 polls that this could be easily done.

Another look at tolls and GST

What has the new government done when it comes to reducing or renegotiating tolls and implementing an effective tax system?

Relook agreements, don’t abolish tolls

The key is for the new government to go through such agreements to look for inherent weaknesses and elements of profiteering.

Penang highway project: History haunting DAP

The DAP leadership seems to be going back on its stand in 2002 against the Penang Outer Ring Road project.

Consider alternatives to toll abolition, say economists

Saying the government will need a huge sum of money if it wants to abolish highway tolls, two economists suggest that it consider other ways to ensure a win-win situation.

PH’s toll promise will affect economy, says Umno

Umno leaders take government to task following reports that PH's plan to abolish tolls cannot be finalised in 100 days.