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Tag: Tom Wright

It’s baloney, says Sarawak Report over ‘Whale’ author’s claims

Editor Clare Rewcastle-Brown reiterates that the information in the book is from her source.

‘Whale’ author denies deal with Sarawak Report over source of leak

Tom Wright says his reporting process is independent of Clare Rewcastle-Brown.

Coming soon: Movie based on ‘Billion Dollar Whale’

The producers behind 'Crazy Rich Asians' get the movie rights to the book which documents the 1MDB scandal.

Without Najib, there is no Jho Low, says ‘Whale’ author

Tom Wright, who co-authored the 'Billion Dollar Whale', says the former prime minister is the Penang-born businessman's 'enabler'.

Come clean on Jho Low story, Rewcastle-Brown tells WSJ journo

She says Tom Wright has failed to acknowledge that Sarawak Report 'handed him the story'.

It’s a whale of a story, says Rafidah

The former international trade and industry minister says there are many lessons to be learnt from Tom Wright and Bradley Hope’s 'Billion Dollar Whale'.

Jho Low not a genius, he just never gives up, says...

Tom Wright, who co-authored 'The Billion Dollar Whale', says even now the fugitive businessman is trying to bargain with the new government.

Why would Saudi royals donate money stolen from 1MDB, asks WSJ...

Bradley Hope, who co-authored 'The Billion Dollar Whale', says it is 'crazy' for former prime minister Najib Razak to push a 'false story'.

Authors of Jho Low book reveal explosive details in US daily

From losing US$2 million at baccarat table to blowing US$85 million on eight months' of partying, 'Billion Dollar Whale' authors tell tale of opulence.

Buku ‘Billion Dollar Whale’ hanyalah gosip tanpa bukti, kata Jho Low

Jho Low menuduh Tom Wright dan Bradley Hope cuba 'menulis sejarah segera' tanpa sokongan bukti, hatta sebelum isu berkaitan diselesaikan.

‘Billion Dollar Whale’ just gossip disguised as reporting, says Jho Low

The fugitive businessman accuses WSJ journalists Tom Wright and Bradley Hope of 'attempting to write instant history without the benefit of evidence'.