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Tag: Tony Abbott

Abai Dr M, pindah kedutaan ke Baitulmaqdis, kata bekas PM Australia

Tony Abbot kata dasar-dasar Australia tidak patut dipengaruhi sentimen negara-negara jiran.

Ignore Mahathir and move embassy to Jerusalem, says ex-Aussie PM

Tony Abbott says Australia's policies should not be subject to sentiments from its Asian Muslim neighbours.

Bekas PM Australia bidas kerajaannya taja pameran tudung di Malaysia

Tony Abott berkata langkah menaja pameran itu menunjukkan pengkhianatan terhadap 'nilai arus utama rakyat Australia'.

Ex-PM Abott not happy with KL hijab show sponsored by Aussie...

Former PM says the department's move to sponsor the exhibition shows 'an unfortunate readiness to sell out mainstream Australian values'.

Ex-Australia PM ‘headbutted’ amid heated gay marriage campaign

Abbott, an outspoken critic of such unions, said he was in Hobart in south Tasmania on Thursday when a man approached wanting to shake his hand, but then headbutted him instead.

Australia PM hits out at putdown from predecessor

"He's not right," the prime minister said of his predecessor. "The bottom line is there is continuity and there is change."

Australia to send 100 extra police to Ukraine

About 100 extra Australian police and troops will join the 90 sent to London earlier to secure the MH17 crash site in Ukraine.

Australia: Cover up after the crime

Australian Prime Minister says the MH17 crash site has been trampled from the beginning and there is evidence of heavy equipment going into the area.

Learning from the MH370 experience

In the face of challenges, the community of human destiny should better cooperate and move ahead.

Australia PM warns of lengthy search for MH370

No floating debris from the plane has yet been found despite three weeks of searching in the area.

MH370 tragedy: Business as usual or lessons learned?

If anything, this tragedy showcased the country’s biggest weakness – its culture of secrecy.

Abbott hopeful, cautious on possible breakthrough

We need to be very careful about coming to hard and fast conclusions too soon, says the Australian PM on the pulse signal detected by China.

Archived: MH370: It’s Abbott and Najib show

Can we trust Tony Abbott in handling MH370 mystery? Is Abbott on a marketing spree?

MH370 ‘black box’ ship due in search zone

If floating MH370 debris is eventually found, authorities plan to analyse recent weather patterns and ocean currents to determine where the plane went down.

We won’t let you down, say Abbott and Najib

The Australian Prime Minister says the Aussies will not rest until they find the missing MH370 jetliner.

Najib in Perth as Abbott says search continues

Police chief Khalid had pleaded for more time to work out what had happened, saying that all passengers had been "cleared" of suspicion.

Archived: ‘Overwhelming evidence that MH370 is lost’

The accumulation of evidence is that the aircraft has been lost, says Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

MH370: Australian PM voices new hope

He believes fresh visual sightings of floating objects will help after "significant developments" in the maritime hunt.

Abbott defends decision to release images

Aussie PM defends his call to make public the possibility of debris belonging to MH370

Australia utamakan parlimen, Malaysia belakangkan parlimen

Tony akhirnya memilih Parlimen untuk buat pengumuman.

No sign missing plane neared Australia

Australian prime minister says he has no information that MH370 may have come close to his country.

Archived: Asylum deal with M’sia back on agenda

'Without the Malaysian solution, we are left with a half-baked, improvised, unwilling Indonesian solution,' says Senator Bob Carr.

Deep unease in Lucky Country

Despite fighting off a challenge to lead the Labor Party, Prime Minister Julia Gillard is facing a bigger problem with the voters.

Opposition casts asylum deal adrift

Australian opposition leader Tony Abbott rejects overtures made by the Gillard government to revive the asylum deal with Malaysia.