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Tag: Touch ‘n Go

Pecahkan monopoli Touch ‘n Go di tol lebuh raya

Kini perkhidmatan dan servis Touch 'N Go kelihatan ketinggalan zaman dan mula dipertikaikan rakyat.

Touch ‘n Go tells why balance can’t be moved from dormant...

A spokesman says the transfer would cause a strain on the company's system and inconvenience users.

5 million switch to e-wallet to make Touch n’ Go payments

The majority of those who have made the switch are aged between 19 and 26, says company CEO.

Pelik… Penunggang motosikal bayar Touch n Go

Motosikal adalah kenderaan yang terkecuali dari membayar tol dan mereka mempunyai laluan tersendiri di bahu kiri jalan raya.

Suspend PayDirect system at toll gates, say consumer groups

More research needed to check out bugs and ensure security of the system, they say.

Barriers not lifting, overcharging among flaws delaying RFID launch

The new payment method to replace the Smart Tag on tolled highways is still under trial.

Persatuan pengguna gesa RapidKL jual kad Touch ‘N Go dalam bas

RapidKL seharusnya menjual kad Touch 'N Go di dalam bas mereka.

Sell Touch ‘N Go cards in buses, RapidKL told

Fomca deputy president Yusof Abdul Rahman says the bus company should try to make the switch to cashless payments as seamless and easy as possible

Tough to go cashless in rural areas, says economist

People in rural communities lack connectivity and are not knowledgeable enough to benefit from cashless transactions.

RapidKL’s cashless plan is thoughtless, say critics

An expert questions whether an occasional passenger would buy a RM50 pass just to take a RM2 trip, but some welcome the move.

Jangan panik jika SmartTAG gagal berfungsi

Memandu di lorong SmartTAG sememangnya untuk mereka yang perlu bergerak pantas namun jika sensor tidak dapat mengesan SmartTAG ada cara yang boleh dielak

Vehicle Entry Permit system in effect end of April at Causeway

Deputy Transport Minister Abdul Aziz Kaprawi says the VEP system is undergoing tests with Touch 'n Go e-Wallet.

Kerajaan cadang edar percuma kad tol imbas dari jauh

Putrajaya kini dalam perbincangan dengan pihak Touch 'n Go dan kad RFID itu dijangka diedarkan awal tahun depan.

Touch ‘n Go gets Bank Negara nod for mobile e-wallet

The service will leverage on the Alipay technology platform.

KTMB launches new system for Touch ‘n Go users

13 commuter stations to implement Automated Fare Collection (AFC) system that uses the Touch 'n Go card.

Use same Touch ‘n Go card for MRT Park and Ride...

MRT Corp communications head Najmuddin Abdullah says those who fail to use the same card will be charged the full standard hourly parking rate.

PLUS offers 10-30pc discounts for Raya

This is valid for journeys exceeding 100km on all expressways under the PLUS network for six days on June 19, 20, 21, 28, 29 and July 3.

PLUS wajib beri kad TnG percuma, subsidi SmartTag

Yang menggeramkan ialah pengguna lebuhraya yang "melabur" untuk menggunakan sistem TnG dan SmartTag masih berdepan pelbagai masalah kesesakan.

Ministry shelves minimum top-up for Touch n’ Go

Deputy Works Minister Rosnah Abdul Rashid Shirlin says highway concessionaires must find other ways of easing congestion at toll plazas.

Fully electronic toll transaction on North-South expressway effective April 26

No more cash transactions will be carried out at toll plazas and motorists have to use electronic cards, either PLUSMiles, Touch ‘n Go or SmartTAG to pay the toll.

No more free MRT rides from tomorrow

Service operator Rapid Rail has urged its consumers to use the cashless method by using Touch ‘n Go card to facilitate a smooth ride.

TnG to introduce new digital application early 2017

CEO Syahrunizam Samsuddin says this will enable cashless transaction between customers, small retailers and stall traders.

Touch ‘n Go user furious he was overcharged 19 times

Zing Touch ‘n Go owner Nitin Bhoria says he was not only overcharged a total of RM1,800 but had to do his own investigation to prove he was cheated.

Masalah SmartTAG di Jalan Duta, PLUS sedia pulang wang pengguna

PLUS mengesahkan masalah teknikal di lorong SmartTAG di Plaza Tol Jalan Duta menyebabkan pengguna dicaj lebih.