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6 times dreadful tourists damaged valuable attractions

With the recent desecration of an exhibit at the National Art Gallery, tourists should be reminded to treat places of learning, history and culture with respect.

Thousands flood Saudi Arabia in just 10 days

Loosening of rules attracts holidaymakers to ultra-conservative Islamic state.

Come back, Kashmir tells tourists after Indian clampdown

Authorities are gradually lifting the curfew and security restrictions removed in most parts.

Saudi Arabia implements public decency code for tourists

The laws are unclear on whether unmarried couples are permitted to share a hotel room.

Nowhere to go for 50,000 Thomas Cook customers in Greece

Tourists, mainly British, stranded on islands following travel firm’s collapse.

13 Chinese tourists killed as bus plunges into ravine in Laos

A bus carrying more than 40 Chinese nationals plunged into a ravine in Luang Prabang, Laos, killing 13 tourists.

India warns tourists to leave Kashmir over ‘terror’ threat

Tourists have been advised to leave Kashmir as 'terror threats' continue to loom the Himalayan region.

Indonesians contributed RM2.8 bil to Malaysian tourism in 2018

They are the third-largest group of foreigners contributing to the tourism industry, after Singapore and China.

Hong Kong’s economy hit by protests, says finance secretary

Paul Chan says Hong Kong's economy has plunged since the series of protests took place nearly a month ago.

Pain from HK protests spreads as luxury names get hit

Retailers face a widening disruption as shops have been forced into early closures due to a lack of customers.

IS militants get death for Morocco tourists’ killing

The two women – one from Denmark and the other a Norwegian – were beheaded in the country’s Atlas mountains in December.

China welcomes tourists to Xinjiang as it locks its Muslims up

Xinjiang is one of the fastest-growing areas for tourism in China, recording a 40% year-on-year increase in visits last year.

Sabah cops hunting for fishermen behind fish bombing that caused 3...

They say fish bombing occurs in open sea and when patrol boats are not around.

Sidekick connects visitors in Korea to locals in real-time chat

Sidekick is currently available in Korea but will also be expanded to Japan.

Study implications before having departure levy, says Matta

Its president, Tan Kok Liang, warns that this may affect tourist arrivals and make Malaysia a less competitive destination.

China: It can gross you out or make you smile

From spitting and horrific toilets to commendable helpfulness and punctuality, there are both frightful and pleasing traits of the Chinese there.

NASA to open International Space Station to tourists from 2020

The tourists will pay NASA for their use of the station, for food, water and use of the life support system.

Sarawak village goes all out for Gawai celebration

Villagers in colourful traditional costumes, a float procession, Bidayuh music and cuisine and, of course, tuak, are some of the highlights of Gawai Dayak.

Good news on 3 fronts as Malaysia celebrates Wesak, says Guan...

The finance minister says the economy, realised foreign direct investments and tourist arrivals were all on an upward trend in the first quarter of this year.

Germans injured in Madeira bus crash flown home

Investigators are still trying to determine why the vehicle crashed off the road.

At least 29 killed in Madeira when tourist bus veers off...

The driver reportedly lost control of the bus on a sloping road and the vehicle plunged down.

Draw more tourists by having intercity bus tours

This would allow independent tourists to plan their own itinerary.

AirAsia’s Penang-Melaka flights to start in July

AirAsia's Penang-Melaka route would boost even more tourists as both remain popular touristy destinations.

Tourist numbers double at North Korea marathon

Tourists are flocking into North Korea for a marathon.