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Tag: toxic gas

371 still in hospital for inhaling toxic fumes, 8 in ICU

Another 65 were admitted last night but the number of those warded has dropped.

Johor ruler demands speedy action against those who dumped chemical waste

He says the chemical had made at least 260 people, including students, sick and some were fighting for their lives.

Divided UN falters in response to alleged Syria chemical attack

A rival measure put forward by Moscow has failed to garner enough votes for adoption, laying bare the divisions within the council over Syria as the threat of Western military action loomed large.

Macron, Trump agree toxic gas used in Syria, need to establish...

French President Emmanuel Macron and U.S. President Donald Trump agreed in a phone call that chemical weapons had been used in Syria's Eastern Ghouta on April 7, and would work together to establish clear responsibility for their use.

Lorry driver cut in half in grisly accident on SKVE highway

Hazardous Materials Unit (Hazmat) deals with possible leakage of harmful chemical that was in one of the three lorries involved in accident.