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4 tips when travelling with baby on a flight

Keeping baby happy and restful ensures an enjoyable flight for her, you and fellow passengers.

Hasbro’s push into media shines light on other film and TV...

Hasbro is diving in deeper, expanding beyond making toys and choosing to be a principal player in TV and moviemaking.

Hasbro joins companies leaving China’s factories

There are growing signs that the global supply chain, long reliant on China as the factory for the world, is being permanently transformed.

Lego adapts to human behaviour that’s wiping out the toy shops

Lego's CEO Niels B. Christiansen said an increasing number of people look at their products online before making the physical purchase.

Mattel warns of weak 2019, shares drop most in 20 years

The forecast comes barely a week after the company said strong holiday sales of Barbie drove a surprise fourth-quarter profit.

Hasbro suffers as lack of Disney movies adds to Toys ‘R’...

Hasbro's results were in contrast to those of rival Mattel Inc.

Margot Robbie to portray Barbie in first live-action film

Margot Robbie set to play as Barbie in the toy's first live-action film.

Everyone’s a winner: Taiwan’s claw crane craze

According to official figures, there is one claw crane outlet for every two convenience stores in Taiwan.

What is ‘Starlink?’ Toy-game prepares for launch

Any plans for additional seasons or sequels' worth of pilots, spaceships and weapons, whether physical or digital, are yet to be announced.

China races to get toys, car parts to US before tariffs...

While Monday’s tariff may come too soon for some US companies importing Chinese products, they still have a window of more than three months before duties surge on Jan 1.

Snail mail for Palestinians arrive 8 years later

Israeli authorities said the transfer was a one-time gesture and moves were under way to implement a 2016 agreement that would enable direct international mail links with the West Bank.

Toys ‘R’ Us lenders may swap US$760 million in debt for...

The lenders would make a so-called "credit bid" by using their senior secured notes in the Asia business rather than cash, and win ownership of the unit during an auction next month in New York.

Amazon takes a page from Toys ‘R’ Us with a holiday...

In a drive to win the business up for grabs after the demise of Toys “R” Us Inc., the online giant is going conventional with plans to publish a holiday toy catalogue.

Toys ‘R’ Us Australia stores to close after failing to sell

Existing stock will be sold off at the stores as they close in the next few weeks. The closures will also see 700 staff lose their jobs.

Barbie helps Mattel revenue despite Toys ‘R’ Us exit

The company has been struggling to turn around a lengthy slump that has seen it overtaken in sales by Hasbro.

4,137 toys seized over non-compliance with safety standards

The raid followed public complaints of toys sold at the Mutiara Damansara premises suspected of not complying with MC standards.

Quick fix? Struggling Singapore retailers turn to vending machines

Kalms is one of a growing number of companies in the city-state adopting vending machines in a move encouraged by a government push for automation and tighter restrictions on low-skilled foreign workers.

Bootleg IS toys pulled from Singapore store

This follows concerns that the counterfeit Lego toys featuring IS fighters could lead to the glorification of the terror group.

Business as usual at local Toys ‘R’ Us stores

Toys 'R' Us Inc says operations outside the US and Canada are not included in the bankruptcy protection proceedings filed earlier today.

Shioktoys – here’s to big toys for rich boys

For thousands of ringgit, serious collectors can walk away with their favourite superheroes.

English is key to repeat business for local taxi envoy

“Tourist Taxi Ambassador” Uncle Abdul Rahman Idris also has fascinating collection of toys from around the world in his taxi to enchant his passengers.