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US, Japan agree on trade deal ‘in principle’

Negotiators agree on Japan placing tariffs on US agricultural products up to levels that apply to members of the Trans-Pacific Partnership pact, according to reports.

US ‘very close’ to ‘major’ trade deal with Japan, says Trump

The two sides enjoy close ties but US President Donald Trump has frequently claimed that Tokyo has an unfair advantage in bilateral trade.

What is the TPP trade pact?

The Trans-Pacific Partnership was tossed into disarray in early 2017 after President Donald Trump pulled the US from the pact, the opening salvo in his winner-takes-all, 'America first' trade policy.

Pacific trade pact to start at end-2018 after 6 members ratify

The original 12-member deal was thrown into limbo early last year when President Donald Trump withdrew from the agreement to prioritise protecting US jobs.

Good taxes can spur Malaysia’s economic growth, says Stiglitz

The Nobel Prize-winning economist says these include inheritance tax, capital gains tax and property tax for large holding properties.

Asian countries denounce ‘real threat’ of global trade war

Malaysian Foreign Minister Saifuddin Abdullah told reporters that the prospect of a trade war is a "real threat" to Asian countries.

NGO gesa bahas perjanjian trans pasifik baru di Parlimen

Third World Network berkata keperluan CPTPP boleh dipertikaikan kerana Malaysia sudah mempunyai perjanjian 2 hala dengan beberapa negara terlibat.

Malaysia tak perlukan perjanjian Trans Pasifik, kata MTEM

Majlis Tindakan Ekonomi Melayu berkata perjanjian itu memberikan kelebihan kepada syarikat korporat gergasi asing berbanding syarikat tempatan.

Kerajaan mahu kaji semula perjanjian Trans Pasifik

Dr Mahathir berkata perjanjian perdagangan itu, yang turut merangkumi Jepun dan Kanada perlu mengambil kira tahap pembangunan negara terlibat.

Mahathir calls for review of Trans-Pacific trade pact

But he stops short of saying Malaysia would leave the trade pact now called the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership.

TPP nations welcome Trump’s interest, don’t want renegotiation

Ministers from Japan, Australia and Malaysia had welcomed President Donald Trump directing officials to explore returning to the TPP, but they also cautioned against making any significant changes.

Trump says US could re-join TPP in right circumstances

President Donald Trump said Thursday the US could re-enter the Trans-Pacific Partnership if it could get a "better" deal.

Trump considers re-joining Pacific trade pact he once spurned

President Donald Trump has directed senior aides to explore re-joining the 11-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership if a "better deal" can be reached, the White House said Thursday.

Malaysia stands to gain from revised TPP trade pact

Moody's says Malaysia will benefit from access to new markets.

After TPP, Malaysia’s focus is now on RCEP, says Mustapa

Minister Mustapa Mohamed says for Trans-Pacific Partnerhip, Malaysia will amend relevant laws in order to complete the ratification process.

11 nations, including Malaysia, sign trade deal minus US

The CPTPP will span a market of nearly 500 million people, making it one of the world's largest trade agreements.

New TPP trade agreement faces protests in Chile

Protest organisers say that the TPP 'is an international economic agreement that, despite criticism from the public for lack of information and public debate.

11 nations, including Malaysia, to sign new TPP deal

The 11 nations to go on with the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement, minus the US which withdrew shortly after President Donald Trump took office.

Menteri: Runding semula TPP dengan AS bukan pilihan

Mustapa Mohamed berkata, rundingan semula dengan AS akan mengambil masa lama dan 11 negara anggota perlu berkompromi dengan negara itu.

Former US trade rep says big mistake to quit TPP

Wendy Cutler, who was a TPP negotiator, says other countries are filling the vacuum left by the US.

New TPP: What’s in it for us, DAP asks

Klang MP Charles Santiago says trade ministry must undertake new cost-benefit analysis as the US is no longer part of the agreement.

Badan pengguna gesa jangan tandatangan TPP yang disemak semula

Persatuan Pengguna Pulau Pinang berkata CPTPP lebih buruk kerana langsung tiada faedah menjual lebih banyak eksport ke AS.

11 negara TPP meterai perjanjian baru Mac ini

Perjanjian perdagangan bebas yang dinamakan TPP 11 akan berlangsung tanpa penyertaan Amerika Syarikat di ibu kota Chile, Santiago pada 8 Mac ini.

TPP dream now a nightmare

Trans-Pacific Partnership offered very little gain to Malaysia, more so now with access to US market off the table.