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TPP dream now a nightmare

Trans-Pacific Partnership offered very little gain to Malaysia, more so now with access to US market off the table.

Najib: Apec leaders’ summit ends on optimistic note

PM says sentiment bolstered by IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde, who said global economic recovery had been better than expected.

Menteri anggota TPP setuju teruskan perjanjian

Perjanjian perdagangan itu kini dikenali sebagai Perjanjian Komprehensif dan Progresif bagi Perkongsian Trans-Pasifik.

Najib: TPP talk not collapsing

Prime Minister Najib Razak says there is still no agreement from talks so far but 11 remaining countries will continue to pursue trade pact.

TPP trade pact in disarray as Canada holds up talks

Canadian officials said the TPP was not dead and they were still at the table in Danang. They say Canada cannot be rushed into an agreement if it isn’t beneficial enough for Canadian jobs.

Disagreement over TPP pact as ministers huddle in Vietnam

Economies such as Malaysia and Vietnam -- with its massive state sector -- are less inclined to concede ground on testy areas now the carrot of access to American markets has been taken from the table.

Wakil 11 negara cari kata sepakat TPP, kata menteri

Mustapa Mohamed berkata setakat ini belum ada kata putus kerana ada banyak perkara dalam perjanjian kurang disenangi termasuk oleh Malaysia.

Minister: Parts of TPP could be suspended to salvage pact

Trade Minister Mustapa Mohamed does not specify which provisions should be suspended but says they relate to state-owned enterprises, govt procurement issues.

Miti wants Malaysia out of US ‘trade cheats’ list

Officials from international trade and industry ministry looking forward to talks between minister Mustapa Mohamed and US counterparts to help resolve issue.

TPP countries consider amendments to stalled trade deal

While Trump has said he will not change his mind on TPP, the remaining members are hopeful a future US president will commit to the agreement, a cornerstone of former President Barack Obama's pivot to Asia.

Mustapa: Kerajaan tidak putus asa, TPP masih relevan

Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed berkata TPP masih relevan kepada negara ini dan sebarang perbincangan berkaitan adalah seiring dengan RCEP.

Duterte takes swipe at US in free trade call

Duterte gave his backing to a planned trade pact backed by China known as the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership.

Malaysia assures trade ties with France steady

Despite recent discord over France’s stand on biofuels, Malaysia has not reached the stage where it will stop buying from France, says International Trade and Industry Minister Mustapa Mohamed.

Trans-Pacific partnership can succeed without US

Without the US expanded intra-regional trade will deliver smaller benefits, but the deal is still a net plus.

Pursue TPP implementation without US, says expert

Jeffrey J Schott of the US Peterson Institute for International Economics says pursuing the pact will help with regional integration.

New Zealand splits with Malaysia over reworking TPP without US

New Zealand, Australia and Japan have been pushing for the deal to continue, but Malaysia’s International Trade Minister Mustapa Mohamed says Malaysia is less keen to proceed.

US and Pacific Rim countries at odds in heated trade meeting

We will need to ensure that our interests remain protected and the benefits derived from it still outweigh the costs, says International Trade Minister Mustapa Mohamed.

TPP countries agree to keep trade deal alive despite US rejection

The US rules out returning to the TPP trade deal, saying it only wants bilateral agreements in Asia.

Singapura sokong usaha 11 negara teruskan TPP

Singapura berkata, ia akan memberi kesan limpahan yang positif ke atas penyepaduan ekonomi di rantau ini, selain menerima negara lain yang berminat untuk menyertainya apabila dilaksanakan kelak.

Negara anggota setuju teruskan TPP tanpa AS

Keputusan negara anggota memastikan hayat TPP, tetapi tanpa komitmen penuh untuk mengerakkan perjanjian serta merta.

Mustapa: Asia watching fate of Nafta amid Trump’s review

All of us are keen to know whether America is committed to have an open, liberal trading environment, says international trade minister Mustapa Mohamed.

International health community rejects move to revive TPP

The open letter reiterates concerns regarding the negative impacts of the agreement on people’s right to health and access to affordable medicines.

Southeast Asia prioritizes trade pact, China as US rethinks policy

ASEAN first pushed the idea for RCEP in 2012, but it became eclipsed by the TPP, which former US President Barack Obama had promoted as a progressive deal that would prevent China from "writing the rules of global trade".

Asia-Pacific seeks to save TPP trade deal without US

Officials did not rule out a "TPP 2.0" with China.