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What is the TPP trade pact?

The Trans-Pacific Partnership was tossed into disarray in early 2017 after President Donald Trump pulled the US from the pact, the opening salvo in his winner-takes-all, 'America first' trade policy.

Pacific trade pact to start at end-2018 after 6 members ratify

The original 12-member deal was thrown into limbo early last year when President Donald Trump withdrew from the agreement to prioritise protecting US jobs.

Mendidik pemimpin Malaysia yang buta teladan

Jika Malaysia meneruskan TPPA, tentu saja sistem ekonomi negara akan dijangkiti barah yang membusung di AS.

Putrajaya perlu masa muktamad perjanjian dijenamakan daripada TPPA

Timbalan menteri perdagangan antarabangsa dan industri berkata, ia bagi memastikan negara dapat menilai manfaat Perjanjian Komprehensif dan Progresif bagi Perkongsian Trans-Pasifik.

Selepas 21 tahun, Dr M bangkit Kaukus Ekonomi Asia Timur semula

Perdana menteri mencadangkan zon perdagangan bebas serantau itu pada 1997, tetapi ia tidak diteruskan atas bantahan AS.

11 nations, including Malaysia, to sign new TPP deal

The 11 nations to go on with the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement, minus the US which withdrew shortly after President Donald Trump took office.

TPP deal nears reality as final version released

Revised trade pact, called the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership, is expected to be signed in Chile on March 8.

New TPP: What’s in it for us, DAP asks

Klang MP Charles Santiago says trade ministry must undertake new cost-benefit analysis as the US is no longer part of the agreement.

Don’t sign revised trade pact, consumers group urges government

Consumers Association of Penang says the new agreement will be even worse than the original as there will not even be the benefit of selling more exports to the US.

PSM: Reject all unfair trade deals, including TPPA’s replacement

Trade deals of the future should spell out the rules for investors, says the party.

Activist: Many govts clueless about economic treaties signed

Burghard Ilge of Both ENDS says some countries forced to pay millions after failing to fulfil investors’ expectations.

Apec leaders agree to address ‘unfair trade practices’

21 Apec countries urgently call for the removal of market-distorting subsidies and other types of support by governments and related entities.

Rundingan TPPA belum berakhir, kata Najib

Najib Razak berkata rundingan 11 negara belum berakhir meskipun berlaku beberapa masalah dalam mencapai kata sepakat.

Najib: Malaysia to consider FTA with US if TPPA falls through

PM says the proposed solution is to have the TPPA model incorporated into a bilateral agreement similar to a FTA in order to facilitate discussions on trade and investment issues.

Malaysia pertimbang FTA dengan AS, kata Najib

Perdana menteri mencadangkan model TPPA digunakan sebagai rangka perjanjian dua hala seperti FTA antara Malaysia dan AS

TPP countries consider amendments to stalled trade deal

While Trump has said he will not change his mind on TPP, the remaining members are hopeful a future US president will commit to the agreement, a cornerstone of former President Barack Obama's pivot to Asia.

Mustapa: TPPA talks may see conclusion in November

He says Malaysia remains open to proposals raised by other participating countries on the TPPA.

Rundingan TPPA dimuktamad November ini

Walaupun Amerika Syarikat menarik diri daripada TPPA namun Malaysia dan 11 negara anggota lain masih merundingkan masa depan pakatan itu.

Putrajaya ignorant of Beijing’s motive, says MP

Wong Chen links China's apparent loss of interest in Bandar Malaysia to removal of TPPA threat.

‘China’s Obor boosted by US exit from TPPA’

Despite security concerns, the US' move to withdraw from the TPPA helped push countries wanting to address infrastructure problems towards China, says political scientist.

Southeast Asia prioritizes trade pact, China as US rethinks policy

ASEAN first pushed the idea for RCEP in 2012, but it became eclipsed by the TPP, which former US President Barack Obama had promoted as a progressive deal that would prevent China from "writing the rules of global trade".

NGOs discontinue TPPA suit as it’s academic now

The legal action is abandoned as US President Donald Trump has signed an order to officially withdraw from the economic grouping, says lawyer Haniff Khatri.

Asia-Pacific seeks to save TPP trade deal without US

Officials did not rule out a "TPP 2.0" with China.

Mapim: Kenapa baru sekarang Malaysia tak minat TPPA

Presiden Mapim mempersoalkan mengapa tindakan menghentikan TPPA tidak dibuat ketika rakyat Malaysia bangkit membantah pelaksanaan perjanjian perkongsian itu, sebelum ini.