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Tag: trade tariffs

Trump’s newest tariff threat ripples across 2020 battlegrounds

Agricultural and industrial regions played an important role in US President Donald Trump’s electoral map in 2016.

Rich Asia investors face rising risk in leveraged bond funds

Wealthy investors in Asia are borrowing money to purchase funds that could load up on lower-rated bonds to prepare themselves if the market turns.

Trump says March 1 deadline for China trade talks not ‘magical’...

The US president says the trade talks as 'complex' and 'are going very well'.

Germany sees ‘most difficult part’ in EU-US trade talks ahead

Economy Minister Altmaier says that the tightening of US trade policies has resulted in increased tensions and slowed global growth.

Trump tariffs bring in additional US$9 billion in 1st quarter

Donald Trump is taking a jive with trade tariffs as he has repeatedly touted the tariffs imposed last year, most notably on US$250 billion in annual imports from China.

Asian markets sink on US yields, China row worries

Tech firms were among the worst hit following a news report that said Beijing had used microchips as part of a drive to steal technology secrets.

IMF warns G20 economic leaders that tariffs hurting global economy

The warning came shortly after US Treasury Minister Steven Mnuchin told reporters there was no "macroeconomic" effect yet on the world's largest economy.

Oil prices dip after Trump threatened to levy new tariffs

Intensifying trade tensions between the U.S. and China sends commodities and stock markets lower