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Tag: trade unions

MTUC warns bosses over rising trend in ‘defrauding’ workers of their...

Malaysian Trades Union Congress secretary-general J Solomon says employers must pay fair compensation.

MTUC criticises ‘sour grapes’ in labour law reforms

MTUC secretary-general J Solomon raps statements running down the good work of Human Resources Minister M Kula Segaran in carrying out these long-awaited reforms.

Factory workers caught between a rock and a hard place

A worker who was laid off two months ago says they cannot expect anything from either their employers or trade union.

Malaysia can only afford RM50 minimum wage hike for now, says...

The human resources minister admits that it is a 'painful' decision but says it is based on the current slow economic growth.

Comprehensive labour reform needed

While reform is badly needed, the system that is broken must be repaired through a process of evolution and not via revolution.

French railways warn of major disruption ahead of anti-Macron strike

Train drivers and other staff are set to walk off the job from Monday night at the start of three months of planned stoppages against reform plans announced by President Emmanuel Macron and his government.