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China says will work with US to address core concerns

Both sides are working toward a written agreement.

Trump hopes US-China trade deal will be signed by mid-November

The deal's first phase unveiled as a bid to end trade war between Beijing and Washington.

Gold loses its lustre as higher prices keep China investors, shoppers...

Weakened yuan, reduced economic growth also dampen consumer sentiment.

Trade war rejuvenates Penang’s ‘Silicon Valley’ firms

Foreign direct investments into Penang leapt 11-fold to about US$2 billion in the first half of this year.

Tariffs forcing China to pay attention, says US

Making Beijing adhere to an agreement not always easy according to Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross.

2 gadget makers may move manufacturing out of China, citing trade...

Tile considering moving its plant to Malaysia, Vietnam and Mexico.

Budget boost expected, plus tax on 3-in-1 coffee

Taxes may be expanded to cover more goods, says Maybank, while analysts believe RM55 billion will go on development, with a RM3 billion fund to meet the effects of the China-US trade war.

Asian markets tumble on growing global economy fears

Fresh trade war between US and EU continue to rattle investors.

As China marks birthday, world worries about its ambitions

China faces the daunting task of keeping other countries calm as it sails on.

Trade war hasn’t stopped Wall Street’s US$9 billion China rush

Foreign banks and securities companies could rake in profits of about US$9 billion a year in China by 2030.

China to US: We don’t play ‘Game of Thrones’

Foreign Minister Wang Yi welcomes non-interference in internal affairs and respect for territorial sovereignty.

China not in rush for economic stimulus

Industrial output in August grew at the slowest pace in 17 years.

Trade deal optimism fades as China scraps US farm tour

Cancellation causes Wall Street's main stock indexes to fall.

The coming crisis of China’s one-party regime

With its superior capabilities and efficiency, and despite Trump’s destructive leadership, the US is far more likely to prevail in the Sino-American cold war than China.

Apple suffering identity crisis in China, survey shows

Trade war taking its toll as consumer attitude changes towards American company.

Trump favours ‘whole deal’ with China as two sides prepare for...

Donald Trump's remarks come as the world's two largest economies attempt to curb an ongoing trade war.

How the US-China trade war fractured global value chains

Although some countries like Malaysia may gain in the short run, the world loses.

White House adviser plays down expectations for US-China talks

The tariffs are the US’ best defence against China’s economic aggression, says Peter Navarro.

Singapore economy shows some signs of hope as trade war drags...

However, economists have slashed their 2019 growth forecasts for the export-reliant economy as the US-China trade war intensifies.

China adds nearly 100 tons of gold to its reserves

Amid a trade war with the United States, China adds almost 100 tons of gold to its reserves since resuming buying in December.

What China has and hasn’t done to address US trade gripes

China analysts say the pace of market-driven change has quickened a tad as a result of President Donald Trump’s trade war.

Kudlow says trade talks between China, US will likely ‘heat up’

Larry Kudlow says he can’t predict an outcome for the trade talks between US and China representatives in October.

Japan’s Nissan mulls pulling out of S.Korea as trade tensions rise

Nissan and other Japanese firms have been a casualty of consumer boycotts in South Korea triggered by sudden export curbs by Tokyo earlier this year.

Supermax to gain from US-China trade war

Company expects 10% increase in export of medical and industrial gloves to the US.