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Tag: trade

China pulls WTO suit over claim to be a market economy

Without a WTO ruling in Beijing's favour, the EU and United States can keep imposing duties on cheap imports from China while disregarding its claim that they are fairly priced.

Dr M calls for high-tech investments from UK

Prime Minister forecasts growth rate of 4.4-4.6% this year and says new forms of investment are needed.

5 things to know about China’s national drink, baijiu

Major producers of baijiu are looking to expand into global markets, here are some facts you need to know about the drink.

Trump renews Mexico tariff threat amid row over migration deal

Trumps says the tariffs will be reinstated if Mexico’s new migration deal is not forthcoming.

Mnuchin says Huawei issue concerns national security, separate from trade

Steven Mnuchin says Huawei move by the United States is based on national security and not on trade.

GDP growth in Q2 likely to be robust, says finance ministry

This comes after positive growth of 1.1% in exports in April.

Do not take sides in US-China dispute

How much of the details do we really know about the contentious issues involving China and the US?

China’s defence minister: War with US would be a disaster

China will ‘fight to the end’ if the United States wanted to fight on trade issues but willing to keep the door open for talks.

Mexican president confident US will negotiate on tariffs

Mexico’s president says there is willingness on the part of the US government to establish dialogue.

Mexico eyes steps to cut immigrant flows to US border

Mexico's deputy foreign minister for North America declines to give further details of what more Mexico can do to stem immigration.

Mexico, US business groups urge Trump to back down on tariff...

Mexico's president is confident Trump would ease up on his demand.

Here are China’s rivals in shipping rare earths to the US

Here are six nations which can replace China as rare earth suppliers to the US.

Trump to impose 5% tariff on Mexican imports over illegal immigration

The tariff will steadily increase until Mexico stops illegal immigration of its citizens into the US.

Vietnam central bank: We won’t pursue ‘unhealthy competitive advantage’ in trade

Vietnam's central bank says it is not pursuing an "unhealthy competitive advantage" in international trade after the Trump administration raised concern over currency practices this week.

UK shares fall as trade conflict worsens; miners hit

London's listed mining companies fell from one-month highs amid worries about the trade war's effect on global demand.

Trump urges greater Japanese investment in US

Trump tells a group of Japan’s top business executives that there is no better time to invest in the US.

China ready for further US trade talks

China’s Ambassador to the US says the communist nation’s door is still open to continue trade talks with America.

Huawei accuses US of bullying, says working with Google to respond...

Huawei says the sanctions imposed by the US is not just an attack on the Chinese tech giants but also an attack on the liberal rules-base order.

US eases some restrictions on Huawei to keep networks operating

The temporary ease of trade restrictions is so that Huawei can maintain existing networks and provide software updates to smartphones.

Saudi minister in favour of reducing oil inventories

Al-Falih says OPEC will be able to reach the best decision on output when they will have more data in their next meeting in June.

Huawei will not bow to US pressure

Huawei CEO says the company have made preparations on how to handle the ban handed by Washington.

Australia conservatives ride economy to shock election victory

Morrison's government has to deal with repairing Australia's relationship with China and a harsh housing downturn in a generation.

Canada: Full steam ahead on ratifying trade pact

Section 232 tariffs imposed by the US in 2018 is the main reason Canada was reluctant to ratify the USMCA trade pact.

Gasoline shortages hit Caracas as US sanctions pinch supplies

Fuel shortages are now commonplace in the Venezuelan countryside as US sanctions have cut off Venezuela’s imports of American gasoline.