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Tag: traditional

Tea Kadai’s cre-a-tea-ve menu

Tea Kadai is an overnight social media star for its fascinating tea time menu.

Masters of puppets: Indonesia’s ‘Ondel-Ondel’ kids

JAKARTA: Peeking through a slit in her giant puppet costume, Indonesian teen Juniarti is drenched in sweat as she moves stiffly under the blistering...

Listen to that crunch! Sinfully good Kuih Cakar Ayam

Using only three basic ingredients, these traditional cookies are super easy to make.

Wee questions need for strict dress code for Johor civil servants

Wee Ka Siong urges Johor exco to explain decision to implement Teluk Belanga-style dress code for government servants on Thursdays.

China mulls censoring online religious content

State supervision of religion has increased in a bid to "block extremism", and in areas with significant Muslim populations, authorities have removed Islamic symbols, such as crescents, from public spaces.

Camel power turns sesame into precious oil in Afghanistan

Roughly 300,000 litres of sesame oil are produced using the traditional method each year in Balkh, according to Zabihullah Zubin, a director at the provincial Department of Agriculture.

Quackery and superstition: species pay the cost

Due to beliefs that certain animal body parts have medicinal value, these animals are being pushed closer to extinction.