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Which is the best transport option of all?

A look at five of the public transport options available in the Klang Valley, how they stack up and which would be best for Penang.

Limiting cars in cities good for business, says transport expert

Using trams and other modes of transport in towns is better in the long run, says Roger Teoh.

Activist’s scathing report on Penang’s unsustainable ‘follies’

Cetdem founder Gurmit Singh tells state government to learn from mistakes of previous administration, not repeat them.

No conflict of interest in transport project, says Penang

State Exco also denies refusing to work with NGOs saying many meetings and workshops were held with civil society on the Penang Transport Master Plan.

NGO: Tram plan based on expert findings, not Google searches

Penang Forum calls for public forums to be held where SRS, state officials and Penang Forum can make their presentations to the public.

Trams will cause massive congestion, says Penang government

State government responds to suggestion by Penang Forum to have trams rather than LRT to solve public transport woes.