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Tag: Trans Pacific Partnership

US ‘very close’ to ‘major’ trade deal with Japan, says Trump

The two sides enjoy close ties but US President Donald Trump has frequently claimed that Tokyo has an unfair advantage in bilateral trade.

Pacific trade pact to start at end-2018 after 6 members ratify

The original 12-member deal was thrown into limbo early last year when President Donald Trump withdrew from the agreement to prioritise protecting US jobs.

Canada trade minister pushes quick ratification of trade deal with Asia...

Signed in March without the US, the Trans-Pacific Partnership will be effective 60 days after ratification by at least six of the 11 signatories - Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam.

PH govt urged to cancel economic partnership pact signed by BN

Bantah-TPPA is urging the government to withdraw from the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership as it does not protect Malaysia’s interest.

Dr M revives Singapore water dispute, calls Trump ‘mercurial’

The prime minister says the water issue is among the things to settle with Singapore, and pushes back against super powers China and US.

Malaysia stands to gain from revised TPP trade pact

Moody's says Malaysia will benefit from access to new markets.

After TPP, Malaysia’s focus is now on RCEP, says Mustapa

Minister Mustapa Mohamed says for Trans-Pacific Partnerhip, Malaysia will amend relevant laws in order to complete the ratification process.

New TPP trade agreement faces protests in Chile

Protest organisers say that the TPP 'is an international economic agreement that, despite criticism from the public for lack of information and public debate.

11 nations, including Malaysia, to sign new TPP deal

The 11 nations to go on with the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement, minus the US which withdrew shortly after President Donald Trump took office.

TPP deal nears reality as final version released

Revised trade pact, called the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership, is expected to be signed in Chile on March 8.

New TPP: What’s in it for us, DAP asks

Klang MP Charles Santiago says trade ministry must undertake new cost-benefit analysis as the US is no longer part of the agreement.

TPP dream now a nightmare

Trans-Pacific Partnership offered very little gain to Malaysia, more so now with access to US market off the table.

Najib: TPP talk not collapsing

Prime Minister Najib Razak says there is still no agreement from talks so far but 11 remaining countries will continue to pursue trade pact.

TPP trade pact in disarray as Canada holds up talks

Canadian officials said the TPP was not dead and they were still at the table in Danang. They say Canada cannot be rushed into an agreement if it isn’t beneficial enough for Canadian jobs.

Minister: Parts of TPP could be suspended to salvage pact

Trade Minister Mustapa Mohamed does not specify which provisions should be suspended but says they relate to state-owned enterprises, govt procurement issues.

Mahathir: I may be PM for short while if everyone agrees

The PPBM chairman says his main intention is for the opposition coalition to win GE14, adding that he has experience in winning elections.

M’sia may lose almost RM40b in post-TPP partnership with China

Economic scholars reveal potential drop in income gains for member nations now that the US looks likely to pull out of Trans-Pacific Partnership.

TPP ain’t over till it’s over

The Trans-Pacific Partnership can only be declared 'dead' if the US and/or Japan withdraws from the Agreement.

Why did the ringgit fall despite China deals?

The drastic fall of the ringgit has a negative bearing on consumer sentiment while making it harder for local employers to hire migrant workers.

US suspends TPPA effort, now up to Trump

House and Senate leaders have said they will not proceed with a lame-duck vote until new president takes office.

US trade panel says TPP makes little difference

International Trade Commission says Trans-Pacific Partnership may only have a small positive effect on growth.

Kit Siang: Let Parliament debate new Budget

DAP veteran urges PM to extend Parliament's special session on TPPA by two days.

TPPA: Why the rush, say campaigners

'After five years of secrecy, we are asked to agree two months after details released'