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Tag: Transgender

Transgender fans ‘welcome’ at World Cup, says Qatar

Qatar 2022 CEO says fans of any gender, sexual orientation, religion, race attending the World Cup will be safe.

Is a transgender man who gives birth a mother? Yes, says...

Freddy McConnell - born female - has given birth to a child and does not want to be described as 'mother' on a birth certificate, has lost a legal battle.

Transgender choir sings for acceptance in China

The members of Trans Chorus share similar stories on identity struggles, in a nation where being transgender is still classed as a 'mental illness.'

‘Ronaldo’ didenda kerana tawar seks kepada polis

Seorang transgender Filipina dihukum denda RM1,500 atau penjara 3 bulan kerana menawarkan khidmat seks kepada seorang lans koperal.

Cricket Australia sets testosterone limit for transgender players

To be eligible for the elite women's teams, players must show a testosterone concentration of less than 10 nanomoles per litre over at least 12 months.

Transgender antara 21 pelacur ditahan polis

Antara yang ditahan adalah 12 wanita China, 4 wanita Vietnam, 2 wanita Indonesia, 1 wanita tempatan dan 1 pondan Indonesia.

Lantik transgender tak bermakna iktiraf LGBT, kata persatuan pakar perubatan

PPPKAM berpandangan isu pelantikan ini tidak perlu disalahtafsir.

Think tank hails appointment of transgender rep to CCM

Galen Centre for Health & Social Policy says Malaysia has always had a transgender representative on its CCM.

Transgenders find family ‘maaf’ can be in short supply even at...

Rejected by their families, Muslim transgenders celebrate alone together, or hide their ‘shameful’ secret from their in-laws

Transgender sukar temui maaf keluarga hatta pada Hari Raya

Balik kampung merupakan tradisi penting bagi ramai orang. Tidak dibenarkan 'balik kampung' merupakan pengalaman yang menyukarkan.

Indonesia’s transgender Muslims find safe haven for prayer during Ramadan

Islamic school provides shelter for marginalized community to pray during the holy Ramadan month.

Transgender teenager from Brunei seeks asylum in Canada

Brunei has defended its right to implement the harsh Shariah laws.

Trump’s controversial transgender troop ban takes effect

The Pentagon estimates that 9,000 people who identify as transgender are currently serving in the military, out of a total of 1.3 million active-duty personnel.

Australian state allows optional listing of gender on birth certificates

Advocates have argued that an official designation that does not match a person's gender identity can create complexities and confusion for a person and their family.

Transgender guitarist strikes a different note

Many of Shika Corona's songs deal with the experience of not being accepted in a conservative Muslim family and society.

Transgender men have functional ovaries after a year of testosterone injections

Research shows for the first time that after one year of testosterone treatment, ovary function is preserved to a degree that may allow reproduction.

UN condems making women athletes cut testosterone in intersex row

The intersex condition hyperandrogenism, which leads to higher amounts of testosterone is being questioned by some as a competitive advantage.

Protes terhadap komuniti LGBT tidak harus menjadi ganas, kata duta AS

AS menyokong hak LGBT dan komuniti itu, terutamanya mereka tidak sepatutnya berdepan layanan ganas, kata duta negara itu ke Malaysia.

American crowned queen in Thai transgender pageant

The HIV activist edged out 19 others from around the world including Brazil, Peru and several Asian countries.

Navratilova sorry for transgender ‘cheat’ claim

The tennis legend has been dropped as an ambassador for the Athlete Ally group which campaigns for LGBT rights in sport.

Sabah secondary school behind ‘kunyit’ programme apologises

Sabah education director Mistirine Radin says the school based in Kota Kinabalu has realised its mistake of including such a programme in its yearbook.

First transgender designer shows at New York Fashion Week

The powerful Council of Fashion Designers of America says it represents more than 500 diverse creators.

Maknyah, 2 tokoh besar Islam dan seorang mufti negeri

Pandangan seorang mufti mengenai golongan maknyah baru-baru ini dibandingkan dengan kekuatan pemikiran ditonjolkan 2 tokoh besar Islam kontemporari.

Japan court upholds ‘sterilisation’ rule for gender change

Japan will now have a law that requires individuals who wish to change their documents to have no reproductive glands.