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Tag: transgenders

Ahead of LGBT crackdown, fleeing Bruneians fear for friends back home

The LGBT community in Brunei is fearing for their lives and leaving the tiny oil-rich country.

LGBT, diversity not disease

Pathologising LGBT is discriminatory and has a profound, negative impact on the community.

Visa problem for Indian transgender nothing new, says activist

Nisha Ayub says governments should recognise the gender with which people identify in their travel documents.

AIDS: Don’t pick on secularism

Ultimately public health policies must be rooted in evidence and science and not on religious and ideological beliefs.

HK singer says show in Malaysia dropped over LGBT support

Denise Ho, who is openly gay, says officials told promoter her application to perform was rejected because she campaigns for gay rights.

Transgenders meet mufti to end discrimination against them

Organisation says discussions with FT mufti included interpretation of the Quran and Hadith to create awareness among people on transgender issues.

Trump: Transgenders to be banned from US military

The military cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgenders in the military would entail, the US president says.

Balik kampung: No more a woman trapped inside a man

Transgender Nisha Ayub says it may take a long time for family members to accept her as she is now.

Suhakam calls for SOP on transgender prisoners

It says transgender people are at substantially high risk of assault or self-harm in the Malaysian prison environment.

Penang’s transgender committee a good step, say NGOs

Suaram Executive Director Sevan Doraisamy cautions that there should be a transgender representative in the committee to ensure its success.

Jamil Khir: Transgenders should emulate Safiey Ilias

Safiey strayed from Islamic teachings but he received enlightenment and returned to being a man who believes in religion, says minister.

Siti Kasim ditahan halang penjawat awam, intimidasi jenayah

Tegas peguam itu, dia tidak takut kepada badan-badan agama, tetapi hanya takut kepada "Tuhan dan hantu".

Siti Kasim arrested for obstruction, criminal intimidation

Activist and lawyer says she is willing to go to court for stopping overzealous Jawi officers who raided an event with transgenders present.