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Tag: transport

Japan sends experts to help KTMB

This followed a request by Dr Mahathir Mohamad, says a senior Japanese transport official.

A more progressive solution than fuel subsidy

The biggest beneficiaries of the government's fuel subsidy will not be the lower- and middle-income groups.

Transport expert questions need for takeover of toll highways

Rosli Azad Khan says RM6.2 billion is too much and the government should just wait for the concessions to expire.

Tokyo braces for heaviest rain in 60 years

Flights, Formula One race, Rugby World Cup matches, train services already cancelled.

Expand minibus service in KL, says transport expert

He says this will help solve inefficient connectivity in certain housing estates in KL.

Dubai’s world class metro trains a major hit

The Metro trains are very busy and it is possible you will be unable to get a seat.

Hauliers look for budget incentives to go green

Association seeks subsidies for lorries to use B20 biodiesel fuel, while a transport expert calls for port vehicles to go electric by 2023.

Motorbike ride-sharing a solution for Dhaka traffic chaos

A 2-hour trip on rickshaws and buses now only takes 40 minutes.

Nearly 5,000 protest against Penang land reclamation

Petition to be submitted to Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad by 40 groups against the project which they say will affect the livelihood of over 5,000 fishermen.

Nilai being considered for ECRL station, assembly told

Menteri besar says executive councillors to be briefed on Sept 18, while BN calls for Nilai to be a transport hub.

Entrepreneur asks for just a shot, not a handout for electric...

Azlan Merican is confident that the electric buses his company makes can be a big hit in Malaysia and overseas.

E-hailing drivers urge govt to set fares

Association president says price regulations will be fair to e-hailing drivers and cabbies.

ETS and KTM Komuter trains back in service

Kuang, Rawang and Serendah stations to reopen four days after a train of cement wagons derailed.

Competitive e-hailing services will lead to cheaper fares, says Loke

Commuters can switch to other companies if faced with fare increases, says transport minister.

Polluted, bike-hostile Brussels to slam on the brakes

Brussels is following in the footsteps of Berlin and Madrid in decreasing the speed limit and encouraging two-wheel transport.

Embrace green logistics, minister tells industry players

Loke Siew Fook says Malaysia should emulate Japan, which is highly committed to minimising the environmental damage from logistical operations.

No federal approval yet for Penang reclamation, says minister

Agriculture minister Salahuddin Ayub says the federal government is awaiting more reports and feedback on the state government's proposal to create three man-made islands.

Remains of Genoa bridge to be demolished

The remains of the Morandi bridge are to be detonated with nearly 4,000 residents evacuated, the city authorities say.

Recycled bikes get Myanmar kids to school

Mike Than Tun Win saw an opportunity when he heard bike-sharing companies left thousands of cycles in 'graveyards'.

Najib: Why federal funds now for PTMP?

Former PM contrasts federal offer now and the state's refusal to accept federal funds before, when BN was in control.

Password better than selfie for Grab driver safety, says consumer group

Transport users group says the drivers will not be protected as they will not be provided access to the photographs.

Crowds gather at dawn to use Terengganu drawbridge

Excitement runs high for a first look at 638-metre-long bridge with two 16-storey tall towers.

14 injured after Japan driverless train goes wrong way

The train hit a buffer stop at Shin-Sugita station after travelling the wrong way for about 20 metres.

Uber loses US$1 billion in quarter as costs grow for drivers, food...

Revenue of US$3.1 billion matches the high end of the range Uber forecast for the quarter and the loss of US$1 billion compared with the company's forecast of US$1 billion to US$1.11 billion.