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Tag: transportation

Eastern Libya, US firm close to signing Libya port deal

Talks have been going on for about a year to build a port in Susah, which would mark a rare sign of investment in Libya.

Persian Gulf oil shipments now cost more than US$500,000 to insure

The vulnerability of maritime traffic in the wake of six attacks on tankers since early May has been the excuse used by underwriters to charge higher premiums.

US$70 billion toll-road plan to connect Indonesia’s sprawl

Indonesia President Joko Widodo is planning an unprecedented US$70 billion splurge on toll roads to help connect the most strung-out country on the planet.

Uber picks Melbourne as test site for flying taxi service

Uber will begin test flights of the pilotless aircraft in Melbourne and US cities Dallas and Los Angeles in 2020 before commercial operations begin in 2023.

FirstGroup to sell Greyhound

The company has been facing demand from its second largest shareholder for strategic changes.

New bullet train sets ‘supreme’ record

The N700s is the first new model of bullet train on Japan’s busiest line for almost a decade.

Doesn’t make sense to reroute ECRL to Negeri Sembilan, says expert

Transport consultant Goh Bok Yen says rail routes must match long-term plans for land use, economic development.

Penang is already implementing many initiatives to improve mobility

Municipal councillor Joshua Woo says while there is a lot yet to be done local authorities are on the right track.

Monster snowstorm to blanket more than half of United States

It likely will disrupt air and auto travel from Kansas City to Indianapolis, and will bring the heaviest snowfall this winter to Cincinnati and the Ohio River Valley.

First things first, Putrajaya told on welfare of senior citizens

Activist Ho Yock Lin urges the government to concentrate on improving healthcare and transportation services for the elderly rather than the construction of activity centres.

Kedah-Perlis rail link better than ECRL to boost trade, expert says

The rail link could facilitate easy movement of goods from southern Thailand to Malaysia, says a veteran transport consultant.

Uber incites IPO frenzy, while Lyft pitches its focus

The IPO stories for both companies are starting to emerge.

Iran president asks Europe for guarantees on banking channels and oil...

Rouhani was speaking in the light of US sanctions reimposed by Washington after President Donald Trump in May pulled out of a 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and world powers.

5 expenses to consider when moving to KL

From rental to utilities to food to transport and furniture, everything costs money when you choose to move out of your parent's home and into a place of your own.

Virgin Galactic breaks new height record on latest spaceplane test flight

Virgin Galactic took its spaceship VSS Unity out for a spin Thursday, breaking Mach 2 and soaring higher into the earth's atmosphere than it ever has.

Free bus rides driving safer births for Nepali women

Childbirth remains a leading cause of death for women of reproductive age in Nepal.

Indonesia’s traditional boat builders reach into the past

Under the blazing tropical sun, Indonesia's traditional ship builders hammer, drill and carve timber from nearby forests into intricate two-mast vessels that have plied the archipelago's waters for centuries.

Three dead, plants and trains halted as quake rattles Osaka

It was the strongest shaking registered in Osaka under records which date back to 1923. As the quake was centred inland, there was no fear of a tsunami.

Group slams national car idea, urges focus on public transport

4PAM says the government should find an alternative transport solution after announcing its intention to cancel overpriced public projects.

Do more tragedies await our children?

Unregulated residential schools are a concern, but so is the quality of education offered at centres and the safety of children who are transported to and from school in illegal vehicles.

Uber CEO plans closer ties with Toyota on autonomous driving

For Toyota, closer ties could help it keep up with rivals like Nissan Motor Co, which is working on its own autonomous solution.

Drones can solve transport woes in Sabah, says expert

Capt Sudhir Kumaren says a good drone may be able to send goods to interior villages in future.

Transportation: Malaysia ranks 11th in global index

PM Najib Razak says connectivity through quality and affordable transportation is very close to his heart.

Liow to chair newly formed National Transport Council

Transport minister says he will chair meetings of the NTC that will play the role of solving each state's transportation problems.