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Tag: travel ban

Govt lifts travel ban on ex-AG Apandi

His lawyer says he was informed of the decision in a letter dated May 8.

India’s beleaguered Jet Airways founder held at airport

Indian Immigration authorities stop former Jet Airways chief Naresh Goyal and his wife from travelling to London a month after the debt-laden company grounded its fleet.

Sabah hoteliers remain optimistic despite US advisory

State tourism officials take efforts to counter being placed on the “K” list of the US State Department.

Review plans for student loan travel ban, says Wan Azizah

Proposal for travel restrictions inappropriate as Cabinet has yet to make a decision, says deputy prime minister.

Syed Saddiq rejects any travel ban on PTPTN loan defaulters

The youth and sports minister says other ways must be found to ease PTPTN's burden and problems faced by graduates earning low incomes.

PTPTN chief draws flak over threat to bring back travel ban

The ban did not boost the repayment rate, say critics who also remind Wan Saiful to abide by PH's policies.

We followed procedures, LHDN says after banning actress from travelling

The Inland Revenue Board says they will bar people from travelling if they fail to settle their outstanding tax.

Maria Chin wins approval to challenge constitutionality of travel ban

The Federal Court allows three questions of law to be argued during her appeal against the Immigration director-general’s decision to bar her from travelling outside the country three years ago.

Google staff discussed ways to fight Trump travel ban

Google staff reportedly discussed how to tweak search functions and work against islamophobic, algorithmically biased results from search terms Islam, Muslim, Iran, etc.

US issued waivers to Trump’s travel ban at rate of 2%,...

President Donald Trump has said the travel ban is needed to protect the United States against attacks by Islamist militants.

In London at last, Zunar wants no Malaysian to suffer travel...

Cartoonist also wants to know who ordered for him to be barred from leaving Malaysia and what were the reasons.

UN aid chief backs stepping up sanctions on South Sudan

Sanctions, asset freezes, and travel bans have all been suggested as punitive action to be taken on South Sudanese leaders.

Immigration says no records of Musa, Jamal leaving country

Action would be taken against them if they are found to have left Malaysia illegally as both are on a travel blacklist, says Immigration director-general.

Court dismisses Maria Chin’s travel ban appeal

Court of Appeal takes the stand that the matter has become academic and there is no travesty of justice as the ban on Maria has been lifted.

Nothing wrong with Najib travel ban, says lawyers group

Lawyers for Liberty executive director Eric Paulsen says immigration authorities have right to stop individuals under police investigation from escaping the law.

Travel ban on Zunar lifted

The political cartoonist says his ban on flying out of Malaysia was lifted today.

Now out of power, Najib faces wrath over 1MDB secrets

Najib Razak has long denied any wrongdoing and hit back at detractors after 2015 revelations that around US$700 million appeared in his personal accounts.

Gerakan demands reasons for Najib travel ban

Andy Yong cites a decision by federal court judge Gopal Sri Ram that fundamental liberties include right to travel.

US lifts travel ban on Chad

The travel restrictions will be officially terminated on April 13.

Datin in maid abuse case barred from leaving Malaysia

Immigration DG Mustafar Ali tells daily the department has received a court order blacklisting Rozita Mohd Ali from leaving the country.

US may lift travel ban on ‘important partner’ Chad, Tillerson says

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson considers Chad to be an important ally in its crusade against Islamic terrorism.

Four Venezuelans die on boat trip made despite travel ban to...

In spite of the recent imposition of a travel ban, four Venezuelans attempted to make the trip to Curaçao, but all four died when their boat split in two.

Zunar takes travel ban case to Federal Court

The cartoonist was barred from travelling abroad in 2016 and his challenge against the ban was dismissed by the High Court last November.

Haiti’s ex-prime minister banned from travel amid corruption probe

Jean-Max Bellerive however describes the accusations as part of a 'political lynching'.