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Delay departure levy by 6 months, says Matta

The association says travel agents and others need time to get used to the mechanism.

TripAdvisor announces London is world’s No.1 destination

While London and Paris jostle for the top position, Europe is well represented at the upper end of this ranking of top places to go in the world.

Finland hires ‘happiness guides’ to help tourists this summer

Finland, the happiest country in the world, has launched a summer internship that will teach tourists the secrets to their happiness.

The past and present of Muscat

A city rich with history, Muscat has changed a lot since the 80s but have kept their traditions alive along the way.

6 gorgeous yet affordable Asian destinations to visit in 2019

Asia has plenty to offer in terms of culture, landscape and cuisine, and with proper planning, some destinations can be relatively light on the wallet too.

Govt to assist in sending victims’ families to New Zealand

No news yet on missing Malaysian youth, Mohd Haziq Mohd Shuib, 17.

6 cool budget travel apps to check out

Want to maximise the cost efficiency of your holiday abroad? Here are some of the most fascinating apps from the Apple Apps Store and Google Play.

YouTuber’s quest to visit Taiwan’s dwindling allies

Ben Wu came up with the idea while travelling on the Trans-Siberian Railway.

Nissan debuts concept crossover for surfers – with built-in shower system

The Kicks Surf comes with a portable shower system to clean off in after you're done catching some rays and riding the waves.

Airbnb edges out home-rental rival with 6 million listings

Airbnb plans to announce Friday that it now has six million global listings.

Explore the island of Bohol in the Philippines

Beautiful Panglao in Bohol has some excellent sandy beaches and is a popular destination for divers as well as dolphin and whale watchers.

If travel fare is too low, it’s probably a scam

The National Consumer Complaints Centre received 3,590 complaints from such victims in 2017 alone.

Five things to know about Moldova

The ex-Soviet country of Moldova is landlocked and sandwiched between EU member Romania and Ukraine.

A visit to Istanbul’s historic railway station

The Sirkeci railway station which incorporates oriental elements in its blueprint was designed by German architect August Jachmund.

Germany claims the crown for record gathering of smurfs

Fans of the blue elf-like creatures managed to gather 2,762 people dressed and painted blue in the regulation smurf attire.

The art and science of Japan’s cherry blossom forecast

The most basic element of predicting when the delicate pink and white petals will begin to unfurl is a large data set of temperatures.

Wurst night ever? Taste takes a holiday at German sausage hotel

A sausage-themed hotel has opened in Germany to help keep the village butcher's shop alive.

How millennials and the gig economy are impacting the way we...

These are some of the megatrends outlined in a new report from the World Travel and Tourism Council.

Virgin Voyages cabins themed after rock and roll and ‘rebellious luxe’

The ship, named The Scarlet Lady, sails from Miami to the Caribbean in 2020.

Offbeat, quirky travel experiences to book in 2019

TripAdvisor has a round-up of some of the quirkiest and most offbeat travel experiences to be had this year.