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Sultan Nazrin Shah to be acting king

He will exercise the functions in absence of Yang di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Muhammad V, who will be resting following treatment during that period.

Chong Wei: Pray for me to win my off-court battle with...

The top badminton player says in an interview with NST that he hopes to return to the game in February if all goes well.

Chong Wei making positive recovery from cancer treatment

BAM president Norza Zakaria says the badminton ace will stay in Taiwan until he completes his treatment.

Anxiety disorders: When it’s more than just in the mind

Constant anxiety can affect our digestive, urinary and even respiratory systems, cause risk of infections, and changes in cardiovascular function.

Think tank moots competition, not price controls for medication

The Galen Centre for Health and Social Policy says price controls are not magic bullets.

Muhyiddin to start chemo after Hari Raya Haji

The home minister says this is the norm for cancer cases, confirming speculation on the nature of his illness.

Four new Congo Ebola cases as medics prepare experimental treatment

In all, the haemorrhagic fever is believed to have killed 38 people, although several of these cases have not been confirmed.

How should Muslim doctors deal with the LGBT issue?

Muslim doctors who follow Quranic principles in handling the LGBT community are often seen as bigots or as spreading hatred even if this is done with the intention of giving advice to the public.

PSM: Over 50,000 hospital cleaners short-changed by employers

The party’s deputy chairman M Sarasvathy says the cleaners are being denied their annual leave, bonuses and other benefits.

Australian golfer Lyle stops cancer treatment

Jarrod Lyle will return home for palliative care.

HFMD can cause death — if not speedily treated

Although it is a mildly infectious disease, risks are high if not speedily treated.

UNAids says 3 out of 5 HIV-carriers now have access to...

Widespread rollout of treatment in east and southern Africa reduced HIV-related deaths by 42% from 2010 to 2017.

Indonesia to lobby US to maintain special tariff treatment

Friday's imposition of tariffs on some of China's exports to the United States has caused some concern in Jakarta as Indonesia could be facing the loss of some trade preferences given by Washington for some Indonesian goods.

AstraZeneca, Merck eye wider cancer drug use after study success

Its success in first-line therapy could expand the number of women with newly diagnosed ovarian cancer who are suitable for the drug by 30-50%, AstraZeneca believes.

Shahidan denies he had a stroke

The Arau MP is believed to be suffering from a rare autoimmune disorder known as Guillain-Barré syndrome

Microsoft’s worker-friendly image faces court challenge by women

The women allege the company paid them less than men, stalled career advancement and froze them out following maternity leave.

Schizophrenics may do better with earlier, team-based care

Conventional treatment for schizophrenia often lacks coordination and begins too late.

HIV-positive baby dies in Russia after mum refuses treatment

The woman, who has been HIV-positive for more than five years and always refused medical treatment, faces manslaughter charges and up to two years in prison.

300 million hepatitis B sufferers but only one in 20 treated,...

The number is even more dire for expectant mothers, of whom only 1% receive adequate treatment for the hepatitis B virus.

Severely elevated cholesterol often goes untreated

Only 52% of US adults who required statins for their cholesterol levels took them regularly.

House call 2.0: Women GPs bring remote care to rural Pakistan

In a remote Pakistani village surrounded by lush green hills, Mohammad Fayyaz brings his two-year-old son to a clinic so that a female doctor sitting hundreds of kilometres away can examine him.

DAP MP: Why is Putrajaya unwilling to finance takeover of Splash...

He says Putrajaya is only willing to pay 60% of cost and says if Selangor pays remaining 40%, it will burden people.

Hannah Yeoh takes Splash to task for Selangor water woes

The Subang Jaya assemblyperson says the management of Splash must take responsibility for its failure to prepare for all contingencies.

Water supply to half a million homes to be restored this...

Delay follows surge that caused damage to five 1.1-metre diameter pipes at water treatment plant in Bestari Jaya, Selangor.