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Ketum doesn’t cause addiction and more studies badly needed

Research shows addicts can wean off their dependency on opiates and amphetamine-type stimulants by drinking ketum juice.

Syed Alman’s death due to acute allergic reaction at dentist

Witness tells court there was no oxygen cylinder at the time of the incident at dental centre in Bangsar.

Reform Socso legislation to enable claims for cancer, says group

Galen CEO Azrul Mohd Khalib says surviving cancer should not depend on a person's socioeconomic status.

‘Kulim medical clinics plagued by equipment shortage’

Resident writes to ministry saying Kulim Hospital has inadequate number of ambulances and beds despite having dedicated staff.

River pollution: Johor palm oil mill suspended for 3 months

Effluent causes Sembrong West water treatment plant to cease operations due to high ammonia content.

3.8 million Malaysians have diabetes

About 1.8 million are unaware they have the disease as they never went for health screening.

MP: Govt must address claims of lack of funds in hospitals

Kulai MP Teo Nie Ching says she hopes health ministry will receive additional funding in Budget 2018 as it is an important ministry.

Cheaper hepatitis C treatment: It’s good, but…

Galen Centre for Health and Social Policy says the move by the ministry could also affect future innovations that depend on patent rights to protect their intellectual property.

Hepatitis C treatment to cost RM500 by year-end

The current cost of Hepatitis C treatment is RM50,000, an unaffordable amount for many people.

Jail, caning do not stop child sexual crimes, says activist

Voice of Children executive director Sharmila Sekaran says culprits should be given rehabilitative treatment by experts while in prison and after they have served time.

Putrajaya bans ozone therapy

Health minister says it could lead to death and there is no scientific evidence to support any benefits in using ozone therapy for any disease.

Water plants working but only Zone 1 gets supply first

Tenaga Nasional Bhd finishes its maintenance work on time as scheduled.

Water cut in Hulu Langat, Petaling, KL on Dec 6

The 20-hour disruption is due to upgrading work at the Sungai Langat water treatment plant.

World’s fattest man starts treatment in Mexico

The 500kg man, aged 32, has been transferred to a hospital to lose weight and recover his health.

Sidek claims police tried to rile him up

Former journalist says his children, who thought they were being robbed when plainclothes policemen rushed into their house, are traumatised.

Hope burns bright for greater autism awareness

The Hope Project, a not-for-profit community outreach programme, aims to make world-class services for autism available to all.

Dental centre offers condolences over Syed Alman’s death

It confirms that DPM’s son-in-law had undergone a minor oral surgery under sedation at their centre.

Sivarasa: Anwar denied physiotherapy treatment

Subang PKR rep says former Opposition leader should be allowed medical treatment overseas and proper legal access to his lawyers as he has 16 cases in court.