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As Barneys struggles, fashion vendors try alternative channels

Luxury vendors prefer selling products at their own stores than at wholesale department stores.

Pets in America now get human treatment

Pets are now increasingly seen as genuine family members and this is particularly true for millennials.

3 ways to wear yellow for a sunny summer look

A host of brands put the sunny shade centre stage in their spring/summer 2019 collections.

Once red-hot smartphone market sees cooler trend

Fresh surveys show global sales had their worst contraction ever in 2018, and the outlook for 2019 isn't much better.

Best of 2018: the boldest red carpet hairstyles

Let's take a look back at ten of the best red carpet hairstyles this year.

Everyone’s a winner: Taiwan’s claw crane craze

According to official figures, there is one claw crane outlet for every two convenience stores in Taiwan.

Dulu penggilat kuku, kini penggilat untuk gigi pula

Penggilat bewarna gigi itu tidak mempunyai apa-apa rasa dan tidak melekit atau mencomotkan mulut.

Smartphone sales down for fourth straight quarter

Researchers said a slowdown in China is a major factor in the slump in global sales.

Can AI make more unique fragrances than a human nose?

This can save master perfumers time to perfect a fragrance rather than searching for new combinations.

Rihanna drops a surprise new fragrance

Rihanna is adding to her growing perfume family with a new scent.

Back-to-school beauty: mastering glossy skin for fall

Summer may be drawing to a close, but don't panic -- the arrival of fall is the perfect excuse to brush up on the new season's beauty trends.

Padded jackets take center stage for fall/winter 2018

As dresses, playsuits and other summer essentials head back into wardrobes, snug outerwear is creeping onto the fashion scene just in time for fall.

Jason Wu nods to past career with scented doll

Jason Wu has unveiled his first-ever scented doll to celebrate the one-year anniversary of his debut fragrance.

Bella Thorne drops debut beauty line

Bella Thorne has joined the ranks of celebrities turning their hand to beauty lines.

Scratchcard lottery craze grips Bulgaria

The majority of Bulgarians are frequent scratchcard buyers.

Thailand bucks Southeast Asia trend by keeping rates on hold

Thailand has fared better than most of its regional peers as rising US interest rates and a stronger dollar prompt investors to dump higher-risk assets.

Increased screen time linked to insomnia and depression in teens

More time spent on each screen activity was associated with more insomnia symptoms and shorter sleep duration, which was further associated with greater depressive symptoms.

STUDY: Rivers worldwide threatened by pharma waste

River systems around world are coursing with over-the-counter and prescription drug waste harmful to the environment, researchers said Tuesday.

New way of renting out unsold lots — use them as...

With glut in commercial properties in KL, there is growing trend to jointly share working places.

Twitter is trolling ‘The New York Times’ for story calling bubble...

The story has since been heavily edited and the headline reworked twice with the final piece now reads "Bubble Tea Purveyors Continue to Grow Along with Drink's Popularity."

Denggi menurun selepas paras membimbangkan 2 tahun berturut

Jumlah kes denggi berkurangan sebanyak 25% kepada 224 kes tahun ini berbanding 301 kes tahun lepas

Duit melebihi bakat punca fesyen merepek?

Kehadiran segelintir pereka berpengaruh namun tiada bakat bakal membawa kesan buruk dalam jangka masa panjang, kata seorang pereka fesyen tempatan.