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Tag: Trump

Meme depicts Trump violently attacking media figures

US president’s head is superimposed on man opening fire in ‘Church of Fake News’.

Pentagon chief vows to cooperate with impeachment probe

Pentagon’s willingness to cooperate is a break with US president’s policy to kill the probe.

Trump withdraws 1,000 US troops from northern Syria 

Trump has been accused of abandoning a loyal ally in the fight against IS after ordering the troops withdrawal.

Protesters blame Trump for exposing Kurds to Turkish offensive

Demonstrators let their dismay be known outside of White House.

Trump defends Giuliani after report of federal probe

The former New York City mayor denies lobbying for anyone.

Trump says HK protest movement will ‘take care of itself’ soon

US president believes trade deal with China is a 'positive thing' for Hong Kong.

Former Ukraine envoy says Trump ousted her over ‘false claims’

Marie Yovanovitch tells probe State Department has been under pressure to remove her since mid-2018.

Trump tries turning impeachment scandal into re-election fuel

US president tells supporters probe will produce backlash at the ballot box like never seen before.

Trump threatens Turkey with economic ‘obliteration’

Trump's warning on Turkey's economy appeared aimed at placating critics.

Trump accuses Pelosi of treason

US president says House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff helped draft whistleblower complaint.

Trump and Biden in tit-for-tat over Ukraine scandal

Former US vice-president wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post responding to the president.

Pegawai risikan ke-2 tampil dedah salah laku Donald Trump

Peguam Mark Zaid berkata individu itu, juga seorang pegawai risikan, mempunyai pengetahuan langsung tentang beberapa tuduhan melibatkan aduan pemberi maklumat awal, yang membawa usaha pemecatan terhadap Trump.

Iranian hacking group unsuccessfully targeted Trump’s re-election campaign

US president’s campaign director says there’s no indication its infrastructure was targeted.

Beijing likely to pass on probing Bidens, say China experts

Beijing has a long-standing public policy of not interfering in foreign countries' politics.

Whistleblower’s identity must be protected after Trump threats

There have been reports of a US$50,000 bounty for information related to the whistleblower’s identity.

The US and Iran are playing a dangerous game

When the US and Iran have played all their cards in the current game, a more dangerous one is likely to begin.

Trump called for favour again, this time Australia’s PM

White House restricted access to the transcript, similar to recent call with Ukraine’s president.

I deserve to meet my accuser, says Trump

US president says the whistleblower misrepresented a ‘perfect’ conversation with a foreign leader.

Hypocrisy and hyperbole at the UN

World leaders, including Malaysia's prime minister, were selective in their criticisms of nation-states at the recent UN General Assembly.

Trump, backed by Australia’s Morrison, talks tough on China

Scott Morrison's supportive stance contrasted with worries he expressed in June about smaller economies suffering collateral damage in the US-China standoff.

Car crashes into Trump Plaza lobby in New York, injuring 3

After crashing his car through the lobby, the driver casually exited his car and took a seat on the sofa of the building’s main hall.

China rejects Trump’s fentanyl charges as ‘groundless’

Earlier this year, China announced a crackdown on fentanyl while denying it was to blame for opioid deaths .

Trump’s personal assistant steps down over info breach

Trump's personal assistant had talked about the president's family and White House matters with reporters at an off-the-record session.  

New China tariffs a ‘job killer’, US industry tells Trump

The latest cry for peace in Trump's year-long trade war comes just days before the first in series of tariff increases is due to go into effect.