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Trump in new Twitter attack on London’s mayor

US President Donald Trump launches a fresh attack on London Mayor Sadiq Khan, backing a right-wing British columnist who once called migrants 'cockroaches.'

A failed Trump golf course turned into a dilapidated New York...

A look at how 436 acres in upstate New York once owned by US President Donald Trump two decades ago became a run down state park in need of refurbishing.

Mexico publishes Trump’s ‘secret deal’ on migration

Mexico publishes the document that US President Donald Trump fleetingly showed the press this week as evidence he had extracted tough new concessions on migration from the neighbouring country.

Gulf on edge as conflicting accounts of tanker attacks swirl

Tensions between the US and Iran are stoking as conflicting narratives about a pair of attacks on tankers led to Trump vowing to bar Tehran from closing a key oil shipping lane.

Trump assures Jong Un over CIA after WSJ report

US President Donald Trump publicly announces that he stands against CIA informants spying on North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Things are looking up for some financial markets

At the risk of being boring, the recommendation will always be to ride the natural ups and downs of the markets.

Trump is confident Mexico will enforce new immigration deal

US President Donald Trump predictes Mexico would enforce a new deal under which it agreed to expand a controversial asylum program and boost security on its southern border.

US tightening the noose on Cuba

The Trump administration's decision to enforce Title 111 of the Helms-Burton Act will mean more grief for Cuba, which is already being hit by economic sanctions.

Trump plays good cop on Huawei after Pompeo’s threats

US President Donald Trump adopts a conciliatory tone this week toward Europe’s approach to Huawei Technologies Co.

‘Trump baby’ balloon to fly outside British parliament as big protests...

A giant inflatable blimp depicting Donald Trump as a pouting baby in a diaper will fly outside the British parliament in London ahead of what is expected to be one of the city's largest protests against a foreign leader.

Mexico draws red line on asylum as Trump tariff risk rises

Mexico says it would reject a US idea to take in all Central American asylum seekers if it is raised at talks this week with the Trump administration, which has threatened to impose tariffs if Mexico does not crack down on illegal immigration.

Trump calls Queen Elizabeth a ‘great, great woman’

Donald Trump hails Queen Elizabeth II as a "great, great woman" as the British monarch threw a lavish banquet for the US president to kick off his three-day state visit.

Trump brings Brexit advice on state visit to troubled UK

Britain rolls out the red carpet for US President Donald Trump as he arrives in Britain for a state visit already overshadowed by his outspoken remarks on Brexit.

Japan PM to meet Iran’s Khamenei to mediate with US

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe proposes to meet Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei later this month with Tokyo hoping to mediate between US and Iran amid growing tensions.

Trump’s Huawei problem: Asia doesn’t want US to kneecap China

Fears are growing throughout Asia that a clash of superpowers will end up hurting smaller nations, many of which rely on exports to fuel the economic growth that provides jobs for millions of people.

Trump steps up attacks on Mexico, tariff threat called ‘deadly serious’

A top aide warns that US President Donald Trump is "deadly serious" about imposing tariffs on imports from Mexico.

Trump to formally announce re-election bid on June 18

Trump has always said he would run again in 2020 and has held multiple campaign rallies and has raised millions of dollars.

Pope says he would confront Trump directly on border wall

Pope Francis is willing to tell US President Donald Trump in person that building border walls is wrong.

Trump expects Japan’s military to reinforce United States in Asia and...

As Japan upgrades its military forces to operate further from its shores, US President Donald Trump expects that this move will reinforce US forces throughout Asia and beyond.

Trump urges fairer trade with Japan at start of state visit

President Donald Trump vows to make the US trade relationship with Japan a "little bit more fair", as he kicked off a four-day visit to Tokyo aimed at cementing ties between the two close allies.

US federal judge blocks portions of Trump’s wall plan

A US federal judge blocks parts of President Donald Trump's border wall plan, ruling that plans to build sections of the barrier can’t go forward without his review.

Trump confirms considering pardons in US war crimes cases

US President Donald Trump is considering pardons for several military servicemen accused or convicted of war crimes, though critics say it would be an abuse of the powers afforded him under the US Constitution.

Trump linking Huawei sanctions with trade defies security claims

President Donald Trump says he may resolve a dispute over Huawei Technologies Co. as part of a trade agreement with China, yet doing so would undercut US assertions the company poses a national security threat.

‘I feel badly for Theresa,’ Trump says of May resignation

US President Donald Trump 'feels badly' for British Prime Minister Theresa May after she announced her resignation following months of Brexit-related issues.