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Jho Low nafi ada kaitan dengan bekas setiausaha SRC

Ia susulan The Edge Financial Daily hari ini melaporkan Goh Gaik Kim ialah setiausaha TRX City Sdn Bhd sejak akhir Mac 2011 dan ibu saudara Jho Low.

TRX City awards RM38.5 million contract to Gadang Engineering

Gadang will construct the main bridge deck over Jalan Sultan Ismail that will link the two sections.

WCT inks RM555 mil contract for Lendlease’s TRX project

Construction company will take on the superstructure, façade and work for development of a shopping complex and a car park, among others.

TRXC to lodge police report over RM3 bil fund misappropriation

This followed the disclosure by Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng that the funds had been taken by 1MDB.

1MDB to shut down, says Irwan Serigar

The 1MDB chairman says the state investment company will be shut down once all of its debts are settled.

We’re still negotiating on Bandar Malaysia, says Irwan

Treasury secretary-general Irwan Siregar gives 'update' on 1MDB-owned project in Kuala Lumpur, saying that he will inform the press when the time comes.

Pointless for luxury project freeze if 1MDB companies exempted

Tony Pua says KL Mayor declaring freeze is not a blanket ban blunts effectiveness of Cabinet decision to ban luxury projects.

No problem with Chinese workers at TRX site, say residents

Locals say the labourers are noisy and gamble after work, but do not disturb residents or businesses.

IWH-CREC involvement in Bandar Malaysia back on the cards

The conglomerate stands a good chance to win the bid after Dalian Wanda Group affected by China’s new capital control restrictions, says report.

Kementerian kewangan keluar RFP untuk Bandar Malaysia akhir minggu ini

Kementerian menerusi RFP itu akan menetapkan kriteria dan syarat baharu keapda syarikat yang akan terlibat.

Tun Razak Exchange takes shape amid 1MDB tumult

TRX City is now under the finance ministry and there’s no hurry to sell the remaining four plots in the current phase.

HSBC to invest RM1.06 billion for HQ in TRX financial district

HSBC Bank Malaysia Bhd and TRX City Sdn Bhd say they have signed a sale-and-purchase agreement for the development of the bank's future headquarters.

Bandar Malaysia: Is Najib making up plans as he goes along?

Ad-hoc policy-making pronouncements are completely detrimental to the finance ministry's objective of snaring a new investor for the project.

Irwan Serigar dilantik pengerusi Bandar Malaysia, TRX City

Najib Razak berkata, kerajaan akan mengumumkan proses permintaan untuk cadangan, mempelawa mereka yang berpotensi menjadi pemaju induk Bandar Malaysia.

Irwan Serigar named chairman of Bandar Malaysia, TRX City

Prime Minister Najib Razak says government to announce request for proposal inviting companies wanting to be master developer of Bandar Malaysia.

Amanah: More to Bandar Malaysia deal collapse than meets the eye

Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad asks if the collapse of the deal between TRX City and a Malaysia-China consortium has something to do with the unhappiness of Malays over the sale of too much land to China.

Bandar Malaysia: Why return RM741 million, PKR MP asks govt

Kelana Jaya MP Wong Chen suggests geopolitical concerns may be at play, especially with infrastructure projects here being part of China's One Belt, One Road initiative.

Zahid: Najib had no hand in cancelling Bandar Malaysia deal

Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi says TRX City's board of directors made the decision for commercial reasons and to minimise loss of opportunity.

Are the Chinese steering clear of Malaysia?

Given government's past record, will it be able to fully unleash economic potential of Bandar Malaysia, or will it be reduced to just another white elephant.

Who killed Bandar Malaysia deal?

It was previously revealed that the prime minister had to make all final key decisions in 1MDB, but that has since been removed upon the PAC's recommendation.

TRX City beri kontrak penyebaran trafik RM327.9 juta

Pemaju induk Tun Razak Exchange memberikan kontrak penyebaran dan penambahbaikan trafik utama itu kepada Gadang CRFG Consortium Sdn Bhd

Bandar Malaysia deal collapse: Johor MB must come clean

Johor opposition leader Dr Boo Cheng Hau says Khaled Nordin must explain the impact considering state GLC, KPRJ's 40% stake in Iskandar Waterfront Holdings.

Report: Wanda deal for Bandar Malaysia in the works

Government officials tell Singapore daily that talks between China's Wanda Group and finance ministry at advanced stage.

Arul Kanda will accept Bandar Malaysia, TRX boards’ decision

But the 1MDB CEO says he has not received any notification of his removal as a board member of both companies.