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7.2 earthquake strikes near New Zealand; tsunami threat lifted

A powerful 7.2-magnitude earthquake strikes near the remote Kermadec Islands northeast of New Zealand, briefly prompting a tsunami warning.

Remembering the Kota Kuala Muda Tsunami

The Kota Kuala Muda Tsunami Memorial and its next door Tsunami Gallery are poignant reminders of the devastating tsunami on December 26, 2004.

Tsunami warning after strong quake off Papua New Guinea

Hazardous tsunami waves are possible for coasts located within 1,000 km of the earthquake's epicentre.

Thousands of kids homeless six months after Indonesia quake-tsunami

The magnitude 7.5 quake and subsequent deluge razed swathes of the coastal town on Sulawesi island last September, killing more than 4,300 people.

What to do during a tsunami

There's nothing like being prepared when a natural tragedy strikes…

Fukushima: current state of the clean-up

The Fukushima clean up work is painstaking and likely to take several more years.

Nasi goreng tsunami hasil inspirasi bekas cef tarikan Warung ‘D’ Keramat

Mengambil inspirasi daripada tsunami yang melanda Thailand maka terciptalah nasi goreng dilimpiahi makanan laut

5.5-magnitude quake hits Japan’s Hokkaido, no tsunami risk

The Japanese meteorological agency confirmed there was no tsunami risk following the jolt.

Gempa 5.4 skala Ritcher gegar barat-laut Papua

Gempa berpusat di 47 kilometer barat laut Jayapura-Papua itu berlaku pada pukul 1.39 tengah hari waktu Indonesia Barat.

Saksi: Tsunami Selat Sunda setinggi pokok kelapa

Tsunami yang melanda Selat Sunda pada 22 Dis lepas, berlaku ekoran pergerakan tanah di bawah dasar laut akibat letusan Gunung Anak Krakatau diikuti gelombang kuat.

Lebih 100 murid Banten belajar dalam runtuhan kesan tsunami

Sekolah Dasar Negeri Taman Jaya 2 mengalami kerosakan yang teruk apabila hampir 90% struktur sekolah berkenaan musnah.

Earthquake rocks Indonesia’s Bengkulu province

No loss of lives reported.

Indonesia’s latest tsunami raises global questions over disaster preparedness

No sirens were heard in those towns and beaches to alert people before the deadly series of waves hit shore.

Gempa bumi magnitud 7.1 gegar selatan Filipina

Gegaran berlaku berhampiran Pondaguitan pada jam 11.39 pagi waktu tempatan di kedalaman 49 km.

Indonesian tsunami volcano lost two-thirds of its height

The height of Anak Krakatoa has reduced to 110 meters from 338 meters.

Earthquake of 6.9 strikes off Philippines, tsunami waves possible

There were no immediate reports of casualties or damage from the earthquake.

‘All lives matter’: Indonesia saves tsunami-stranded turtles

About 15 other turtles were rescued in the same area.

Indonesia trims tsunami death toll, hikes injury tally

A no-go zone around rumbling Anak Krakatoa has been widened to 5 km.

Indonesia hikes danger level for deadly tsunami volcano

Authorities raised the crater's status to high alert, the 2nd-highest warning on the country's 4-point danger scale, while aviation officials ordered flights to be redirected away from the area.

Photos and DNA tests as Indonesians search for lost relatives

The task has been complicated by multiple relatives making duplicate reports of missing loved ones.

Jail term demanded for ex-bosses over Fukushima nuclear crisis

The disaster forced tens of thousands to evacuate their homes near the plant.

Indonesia issues ‘extreme weather’ warning for tsunami-hit coast near Krakatau

Rescuers were trying on Wednesday to reach several villages still inaccessible by road.

Pihak berkuasa Indonesia beri amaran tsunami mungkin berlaku

Agensi Meteorologi, Klimatologi dan Geofizik Indonesia berkata, aktiviti kuat di Gunung Berapi Anak Krakatau, cuaca melampau dan ombak tinggi di Selat Sunda boleh menyebabkan satu lagi runtuhan di kawasan gunung berapi itu.

Indonesia scrambles to reach isolated tsunami-struck towns

Hundreds of residents still stranded on tiny islands in the Sunda Strait, which separates Java and Sumatra, will be airlifted or taken by boat to shelters.