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Tag: Tunku Abdul Rahman

Tahukah anda Tugu Negara pernah diletupkan?

Tugu Negara merupakan lambang pejuang kemerdekaan yang berhempas pulas melawan komunis demi pertahankan negara.

Tunku would not be happy, says granddaughter, as country drifts towards...

Founding father warned against ethnicity becoming more important than nation.

Tun Razak and the question of racial dominance

Malaysia’s second prime minister was against any sort of racial dominance or superiority, and frequently urged leaders to sustain the racial harmony that existed.

Boo, you are no Mahathir, PPBM leaders tell DAP man

Two Supreme Council members pour scorn on Boo Cheng Hau for comparing his action to Dr Mahathir's letter to the late Tunku.

Pameran kemerdekaan di Muzium Negara dikritik kerana ‘ampu’ Dr M

Orang ramai mempersoalkan kenapa pameran yang sepatutnya memaparkan kemerdekaan dan perkembangan negara lebih banyak memaparkan perihal Perdana Menteri, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Get rid of ‘bangsa’, ‘agama’ in MyKad to achieve unity, says...

Mariam Mokhtar says this is among the steps that must be taken in the quest for national integration.

How teamwork between races transformed a KL field into the Merdeka...

Ex-construction supervisor recalls the masked women who carried the concrete, and ponders on the mystery of the swapped plaque and vanished time capsule.

Umno dulu sayang Melayu tapi tak sampai ‘memanjakan’, kata cucu Tunku

Kalau manja sangat masyarakat akan 'naik tocang'.

Tunku Abdul Rahman, founding father… of crowdfunding?

Ordinary Malaysians rushed to the rescue after lack of funds almost scuppered Tunku’s National Mosque project.

The Tunku and I

I found the Tunku an amiable, simple man and I learned several valuable lessons from him – lessons that the new government leaders and Malaysians would do well to put into practice.

Time to clean, give wing to the judiciary as we celebrate...

Let’s take a deep look at the judiciary and improve the system of judicial appointments so that the crème de la crème are appointed judges.

Let’s rekindle the torch of freedom at Dataran Merdeka

A Speaker’s Corner should be set up at Dataran Merdeka and people must be allowed to freely assemble there to voice their grouses peacefully so that Dataran Merdeka becomes more than a mere tourist attraction.

Honorary journalism award goes to Tunku Abdul Rahman

Nation's first prime minister named as 'Tokoh Hawana' in conjunction with National Journalists' Day.

IDEAS re-affirms status as an independent think tank

Acting CEO Ali Salman says IDEAS will also strengthen its position as a public policy research organisation, without fear or favour.

Malaysia’s leader must promote equality and equity, says Buddhist group

Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia says PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang’s comment that policy-making powers can only be held by Muslims neglects the country’s historical reality.

Tunku’s former aide-de-camp Owen Chung dies

The 85-year-old former police officer died on Saturday morning while undergoing a routine dialysis treatment at a private hospital in George Town.

Robert Kuok slams cronyism, says Tunku never had cronies

In Malaysian tycoon's new memoir, he relates how first prime minister Tunku Abdul Rahman 'had friends, but never adopted cronies'.

Rais proposes PM’s Act to dictate treatment, conduct of ex-PMs

Former minister Rais Yatim says Act will protect the integrity of the instition of prime minister.

Tunku a visionary, principled leader, says Tengku Razaleigh

The Umno veteran says the govt should establish a think tank that bears his name, as well as an institution, the Tunku Abdul Rahman School of Politics and International Studies, in recognition of his invaluable contributions.

Leiking: Sack deputy minister for Islamic state assurance

Parti Warisan Sabah’s Darell Leiking says the assertion by Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki contradicts the decision of the nation’s founding fathers that Malaysia remain secular.

When Malaysia lost its way as a middle power

In the past, Malaysia gained global recognition for the contributions of former leaders, but now it is becoming irrelevant.

Historic moments dominate 2017 National Day celebration

Nostalgia fills Dataran Merdeka as scenes from the first Merdeka celebration in 1957 are re-enacted.

Academic: Fourth PM to blame for Constitution in ‘coma’

Law professor Azmi Sharom says a 'doctor' who became the country's fourth prime minister, made the rule of law and protection given to the people go 'haywire'.

Ex-judge: Protect Malaysia’s secular status

He says the people of Sabah and Sarawak would never have agreed to the Malaysia Agreement 1963 if hudud had been proposed then.