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Question mark over Manchester City purchase of local football club

Tunku Mahkota Johor Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim has indicated that the team is not buying any clubs and was in Malaysia just to meet a sponsor.

I cannot hold 2 posts at one time, says Tunku Ismail

He says his action to step down as FAM president is for continuity and boosting the standard of national football.

On us to see monarchs don’t ‘self-destruct’, says ‘lowly royal servant’...

The tit-for-tat between Tunku Ismail and Putrajaya continues after the Johor crown prince challenges those who want to 'finish off' the royalty to go all out.

DAP backs Dr M in resolving dispute with Johor royal family

DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng says the party adheres to principles under the Federal Constitution.

Want to finish us off? Go all out, TMJ tells ‘Kadir’

Crown prince makes reference to a meeting at Menara Ilham in the latest round of continuing spat between Putrajaya and Johor palace.

Why didn’t TMJ say ‘tukar Najib’ then, asks Syed Saddiq

More pot shots fired in the running slanging match between Putrajaya and Johor palace.

‘Teh tarik’ poster creates royal storm in a teacup

In the midst of tensions between government and royalty comes a claim of a tea party with four princes.

Join a party, Rais says to TMJ

Veteran politician says royalty and politics exist in different realms and should not be mixed up.

Don’t meddle in Johor Islamic affairs, warns TMJ

He also reminds politicians speaking in mosques or suraus not to lace their talks with politics.

Johor crown prince thanks Mahathir for visit

Tunku Ismail looks forward to working together with the government for the progress of the nation.

TMJ defends right to political views

Johor Crown Prince says he has been told that some football fans have been boycotting Johor Darul Ta'zim matches because of his comments in the run-up to GE14.

TMJ belanja pelanggan pusat beli belah RM3,000 seorang

Tunku Ismail menegaskan dirinya bukan ahli politik dan sentiasa di pihak Johor.

Dr M bukan mahu selamatkan negara, tetapi anaknya, dakwa TMJ

Tunku Ismail menasihatkan rakyat supaya tidak menukar enjin sebuah kapal yang berjalan dengan baik selama berpuluh tahun, sebaliknya perlu membimbing nakhoda menuju ke arah betul.

After saying goodbye to FAM, Tunku Ismail now MFL chairman

The Tunku Mahkota of Johor says many do not see him as FAM president but as a rival.

TMJ sah tinggalkan FAM, kecewa usaha tak dihargai

Setiausaha Agung FAM, Hamidin Mohd Amin berkata, mereka akan mengadakan mesyuarat khas untuk membincangkan peletakan jawatan Tunku Ismail.

Tunku Ismail still our president, says FAM

Secretary-general Hamidin Mohd Amin says he has received calls from FIFA and AFC urging FAM to ensure Johor crown prince remains at the helm.

TMJ quits as FAM president

Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim laments Harimau Malaya dropping another 3 spots in latest FIFA ranking, saying it's time for him to leave football.

Nazri meets Johor royal family, seeks forgiveness

Johor Southern Tigers Facebook page says tourism minister sought sultan's views and suggestions on national governance for future.

Nelo Vingada quits Harimau Malaya after 6 losses

Portuguese coach's miserable track record on the pitch compounded by Malaysia's fall in FIFA ranking from 155 in June to 174 last month.

Velappan says Pahang should not spurn AFC Cup challenge

FAM should disallow any team from turning down a chance to play at an AFC or FIFA-sanctioned competition, says ex-AFC secretary-general Peter Vellapan.

TMJ beritahu sebab tak baca Utusan

Kerja hanya ingin melaga-lagakan orang sahaja dan tulis berita macam gosip murahan, kata Tunku Ismail.

Khairy anggap konspirasi anti-TMJ ‘kerja gila’

Biarkan TMJ buat kerja kerana bola sepak negara menunjukkan perubahan dan peningkatan, tegas menteri.

TMJ adds to Johor sultan’s call for unity

Tunku Ismail says he had always intended to use football as a platform to unite the people in the state as one Bangsa Johor.

Wisma Putra imposes travel ban to North Korea

Asian Cup qualifying match between North Korea and Malaysia now at risk as foreign ministry says travel ban due to escalating tensions in Korean peninsula.