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Blow to Turkey’s Erdogan as opposition wins big in Istanbul

Turkey's main opposition claims a decisive victory in Istanbul's re-run election, dealing one of the biggest blows to President Tayyip Erdogan's 16-year run.

Opposition to discuss roadmap after Istanbul vote re-run order

The loss of Istanbul, the country's economic hub and largest city, had been a shocking defeat for the Justice and Development Party (AKP).

Turkey’s Erdogan calls for annulment of Istanbul election

A senior AKP official said on Tuesday it would demand a new vote in Istanbul after its bid was rejected for a citywide recount of the March 31 election results.

Election council rejects Erdogan’s party demand for full Istanbul recount

Pleas for an electoral recount by Turkish premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan was rejected by the Supreme Electoral Council. Claims of electoral irregularities had surfaced.

Recount of Istanbul votes partially complete, opposition candidate remains ahead

Opposition candidate Ekrem Imamoglu said the recount was completed in 9-10 districts on Thursday.

Erdogan party appeals Istanbul, Ankara results after Turkey vote

While Erdogan's party won more than 50% votes, a defeat in Turkey's capital and economic hub is a blow to AKP.

Erdogan’s AKP faces defeat in Turkey’s two main cities

Losing the country's two major cities would be a stunning defeat for Erdogan whose ability to win repeatedly at the ballot box has been unparalleled in Turkish history.