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Tag: Twitter

Social media companies grilled on deepfake policies

A US Congressman has asked the major social media companies how they plan to handle the threat of deepfake images and videos on their platforms.

Trump’s blocking of Twitter critics unconstitutional

The federal appeals court says Donald Trump has violated the First Amendment by using Twitter's 'blocking' function.

Trump again says Indian tariffs on US goods unacceptable

Donald Trump says India's tariffs on US goods no longer acceptable.

Trump praises US on World Cup success after row with captain

President Donald Trump joins the chorus of praise for the US women's football team in the wake of their World Cup triumph just days after a spat with the captain.

Trump accuses China, Europe of currency manipulation

Donald Trump is now accusing China and Europe of manipulating their currencies to compete with America while stimulating their economy.

Facebook, Twitter pledge action against extreme content in Australia

Facebook and Twitter agree on further steps to stop violent extremist content spreading in Australia following live-streaming of the New Zealand massacre.

Twitter adds warnings to rule-breaking tweets from public figures

The new policy comes a day after US President Donald Trump doubled down on his criticism of Twitter, claiming the platform is biased

Musk becomes ‘Daddy DotCom’ on Twitter

Musk’s Twitter account is one of the most watched in corporate America.

Twitter apologises for suspending accounts critical of China

The apology comes after activists said hundreds of Twitter accounts critical of Communist Party were suspended last week.

US suspends funding for Iran Twitter account that trolled critics

The account is funded by the State Department's Global Engagement Center, which is in charge of countering foreign propaganda.

Dr M kesal pengkritik TMJ ditangkap

TMJ bagaimanapun berkata Istana Johor tidak membuat sebarang laporan polis.

Judge green lights Musk, SEC agreement over Twitter use

The new deal outlines which statements by Musk must be reviewed by Tesla's legal counsel.

Tesla’s Musk agrees to new vetting rules for tweets in SEC...

Elon Musk has agreed to submit his public statements about the company's finances and other topics and reach a deal to settle a dispute over his Tweet.

Twitter adds way to report voter-tricking tweets

Twitter added this new feature to help curb any attempts to undermine the process of registering to vote or engaging in the electoral process.

Twitter shares jump, ascribes growth to fight against abuse

Twitter says its pre-roll ads, or promotional messages that play before videos, are also growing. 

Twitter tops sales, daily user estimates on product improvements

Twitter, which has a history of being slow to make changes to its service, has recently increased the pace of new product introductions.

Musk tweets another Tesla forecast in midst of talks with SEC

Elon Musk wrote Sunday that Tesla will make more than 500,000 cars in the next 12 months.

US social media users sticking with services

Instagram and Snapchat showed strong followings among young adults.

US lawmakers propose bill to fight bias in tech companies’ algorithms

'This will only serve to stigmatise and discourage AI use, which could reduce its beneficial social and economic impacts,' Castro says.

UK joins crackdown on social media after live-streamed attack

“A regulator should have the power to investigate how content of that atrocity was shared and why more was not done to stop it sooner,”

Twitter now lets users appeal rule violations in app

This will allow users to 'get back to people 60% faster than before'.

Charges of cheating amid confusion over Thailand’s election result

One party said it was considering a legal challenge over what it said were poll irregularities.

Pacquiao polls Twitter on who to fight next

The poll, also linked to Manny Pacquiao's Facebook wall, has 18 more hours to run.

Social media platforms removing NZ shooting content

The live video footage appeared to show the attacker driving to one mosque, entering it and shooting randomly at people inside.