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Tag: Twitter

China demanded NBA fire Rockets exec over Hong Kong tweet

Commissioner says the league replied: 'There's no chance that's happening'.

Erdogan says he can no longer ‘keep track’ of Trump’s tweets

Faced with deciphering the US president’s conflicting statements, the Turkish leader declares defeat.

2 social media users under probe for insulting PM, Islam

One of them was arrested yesterday while the other is believed to be overseas.

Twitter says world leaders don’t get free rein

Online platform says it will act on tweets that threaten violence or post private information.

Chinese state media slam NBA in free speech row

China Daily has accused NBA commissioner Adam Silver of 'brazenly endorsing Morey's secessionist-supporting tweet'.

Twitter admits phone numbers meant for security used for ads

None of the user data was shared with partners outside the company.

Greta mocks Putin’s ‘kind girl’ jibes on Twitter

Young activist changes bio to read 'a kind but poorly informed teenager'.

Aksi bersahaja Sultan Abdullah bersama Tunku Azizah mencuit hati

'Bersemut patik tengok gambar tuanku' komen netizen aksi Agong dan Permaisuri

Twitter, TweetDeck suffer global outage, thousands hit

Japan and India among countries affected according to the company.

Twitter users can now sideline unwanted DMs

Introduction of new filter intends to catch spams or offensive content.

Slide into my DMs, Keisuke Honda tells Man United

The Japanese midfielder tells United he does not need money but needs to play with a great team and teammates.

Twitter closes thousands of fake news accounts worldwide

The suspensions and shutdowns were part of a concerted effort by Twitter to clear up the platform.

Trending ‘thanks Indonesia’, netizen sindir keadaan jerebu landa negara

Laman sosial Twitter kini trending dengan tagline ‘thanks Indonesia’ gara-gara jerebu teruk yang berlaku setiap tahun.

Raja Permaisuri: ‘Saya sedih dan marah, terus aktifkan Twitter’

Tunku Azizah sekali lagi memaklumkan akaun Twitternya dinyahaktifkan bukan kerana beberapa individu yang dituduh menghinanya.

Khalid Ismath ditahan dalam kes hina Raja Permaisuri Agong

Khalid Ismath disiasat bawah Akta Hasutan.

Rindu posting Tunku Azizah, ‘Raja Permaisuri Agong kirim salam pada semua’

Teme Abdullah mengadap Yang di-Pertuan Agong dan Raja Permaisuri bagi mempersembahkan karyanya semalam gembira dapat melihat Raja Permaisuri Agong kembali tersenyum.

Polis terima laporan hina Agong, Permaisuri di Twitter

PDRM telah membuka siasatan di bawah Seksyen 4, Akta Hasutan 1948.

Nantikan pelancaran iPhone 11 di Youtube buat julung kali 1 pagi...

Sebelum ini pelancaran semua keluaran terbaru iPhone hanya akan disiarkan melalui peranti iOS atau Mac dan kemudian melalui Twitter.

Nicki Minaj stuns fans with retirement announcement

Award-winning rapper announces her retirement to her 20 million Twitter followers saying she wants to have a family.

Tech firms meet with US intelligence on 2020 election security

Social media companies are under pressure to ramp up security after US intelligence discovered Russian cyber-meddling efforts in the 2016 elections.

Twitter vows to tackle online racist abuse of players in Britain

Twitter will discuss issues relating to 'abuse and hateful conduct' online with Manchester United and British anti-discriminatory body Kick It Out.

Twitter blames mobile carrier for CEO Dorsey’s vulgar account hack

It is believed that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was a victim of SIM swapping, a method which has been used to hack other celebrity accounts this year

Australia to block internet domains hosting extremist content during terror attacks

Australia and New Zealand have increased scrutiny of websites and social media companies in the wake of the Christchurch massacre in March.

Trump won’t stop Fed chairman Powell if he offered to resign

Donald Trump continues the war of words on Twitter towards the Fed chairman for his refusal to commit to a series of tax cuts.